Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barack Obama Lies--Yet Again Pt. 1

I've heard that Barack Obama has a new movement--this of course is rhetoric and propaganda packaged in pretty words. When I think of this so called new movement of his--I think of a bowel movement--and we all know what that means! In spite of all the media hype, in spite of the fact that large numbers of the media have their lips firmly planted upon Barack and Michelle Obama's asses, Barack Obama is very much the typical American politician. He as such can be expected to lie--and lie Barack Obama has, on numerous occasions he has proven himself to be a liar. Here are two recent examples, Speaking at AIPAC on June 4, 2008, Barack Obama said, "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided", I was skeptical when I heard this and in my skepticism--I was right! The next day, June 5, 2008, an advisor of Barack Obama said, "Jerusalem is a final status issue, which means it has to be negotiated between the two parties" as part of "an agreement that they both can live with." What status has to be negotiated? Israel was established a Jewish state thousands of years ago and Jerusalem was and is the capitol of Israel. And there were no Arabs around in Israel then--so how could it be their homeland? The final status of Israel and of Jerusalem is--they are uniquely Jewish--and shall always be so! And let's not forget--Barack Obama has numerous anti Israel and anti Jewish adviser's on his campaign staff! Mhm... And now the next lie of Barack Obama, He promised to abide by the federal spending limit--and now has reversed himself. How can Barack Obama stop the smears when he himself is smearing himself?

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