Friday, July 18, 2008

The Economy And Barack Obama

First, Its ridiculous that so many in government and elsewhere in society are still vacillating over whether the economy is in a recession, well as of this date the economy of The United States of America has been in a depression for over two years; simply put the economy is a wreck--and this is directly due to the corrupt policies of the G.W. Bush organization! Of course many UN-American Republicans won't speak honestly about it because they don't want to say anything negative about the current administration. The economy is even more of a wreck than it was during the Reagan administration; for those who should know but don't, when Ronald Reagan took office in 1981 the United States was the biggest creditor nation in the world and when Ronald Reagan left office in 1989--the United States was the biggest debtor nation in the world! Many people, mainly the upper classes liked Reaganomics--simply because the corruptness and incompetence made it possible for them to make tremendous amounts of money. Money that to a large extent was generated at the expense of America and the middle and lower classes. Unemployment was high, many businesses left operations in America for foreign lands, a huge deindustrialization ensued, Reaganomics was a disaster, for the economy, for the environment and for the American people! Just look at what happens every time a Republican is president, they run up massive debt, gas prices go up--and the last three Republican presidents have started wars that were unnecessary. Republicans like Democrats are very much in favor of big government, albeit they go about it in somewhat different ways. Many people think that if consumer spending is high--then its a good economy; but this ignorant and foolish notion is incorrect. Like now, large numbers of the American people are in debt--they like the US government are borrowing for everything they purchase, basically its two types of people who believe that being in debt makes for a good economy--ignorant people and fools! At present under the G.W. Bush organization, over one billion dollars each day is borrowed from China and other nations. And that in no way makes for a good economy! Now Barack Obama--who fortunately is not the president at this moment! Wants to increase government even more and turn The United States of America into even more of a nanny state (socialism run amuck) and admittedly will not even try to balance the budget (because it would hurt)--but this nonsensical belief that correcting the excesses of the G.W. Bush administration and other previous administrations would be too hard on the American people--is a false option--and the fact that Barack Obama would think this way, yet again shows his profound lack of understanding and poor judgement. There is so much waste within American government that it would be easy to balance the budget and not hurt Americans--but the UN-American socialist Barack Obama would never think to do this. So he has no plans to balance the budget and instead of being responsible he wants to impose much higher taxes upon the American people. Its true the trickle down theory very popular with the Republicans for the most doesn't work; and it can't be expected that giving a wealthy person a tax break will somehow trickle down to the middle and lower classes. What will work in the trickle down theory is when businesses of all types, big and small get significant tax breaks! Barack Obama also won't correctly deal with the illegal Mexican problem, a problem which is dragging down the American economy and is costing American citizens their jobs and a lot more besides. Its true illegal Mexicans add billions to the American economy--but they cost billions more than they contribute! In addition to this--many bring tremendous quantities of drugs with them and much more crime, rapes and murders Et cetra. These illegal Mexicans (even if they were legalized) are mostly neither good for the economy nor are they good for America!

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