Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Southern Poverty Law Center

J. Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center on Bill O'Rielly, July 27, 2009 wants Lou Dobbs fired from CNN because he does not like what he says about Barack Obama and his refusal to prove his place of birth. Mr. Cohen also doesn't like Mr. Dobbs views on Illegal Mexicans. Mr. Cohen made a pathetic show of himself on O'reilly--moaning about how he wants to shut up Lou Dobbs--all because he doesn't like what he says--incidentally Mr. Dobbs did not say anything hateful or illegal! Mr. Cohen is Un-American and a fool--its not racism to question the de facto president Barack Obama's place of birth! The First Amendment ensures the right to speak freely--and decent is one of the most American things an American citizen can do. But Mr. Cohen does not respect The First Amendment, The United States Constitution or traditional American Biblical values which made The United States of America the greatest country in the history of the world. Mr. Cohen makes his living promoting immorality among other things--he should obtain honest employment and start living according to the Torah!

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