Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swedish Nazi Islamo Fascism

The ignorant and foolish Swedish people/politicians have allowed Muslim immigrants to flood into their country and now these Muslim Fascists are influencing the media. In an Aftonbladt article “Our [Arab] sons' organs being plundered" by Donald Bostrom (Swedens largest newspaper) August 18 2009, Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt said that Israeli soldiers took the organs of dead Arabs (so called but not Palestians) and sold them. Where do these Nazi lies come from? the Arabs in Israel--and of course the foolish and immoral Carl Bildt took their lies as fact without any corroborating evidence. And make no mistake of it--this is not only one Swedish politician but others and not only of Arabs in Israel influence--but also of the Muslim influence in Sweden. The cultural affairs editor responsible is a woman, Asa Linderborg an anti Israel activist. Ms. Linderborg the anti semite should use her newspaper to build up Sweden--but instead she uses it to destroy Sweden and Israel. Jewish soldiers in Israel have never murdered Arabs and then taken organs from the bodies; this is the sort of thing which regularly occurs in China with Chinese prisoners, perpetrated by the godless Chinese Communists.


Pedro said...

Stop being racist for Christ's sake (see how I got Christ into there :))
But seriously, stop "godless communist" who cares if they are godless or not. Stop always talking in racial and religious terms.
Freedom of speech is complex. Carl Bildt does not believe or disbelieve anything. It's a newspaper article. It does not compete to a democratic government to comment upon it! There are courts which might sue the paper for defamation... but only few governments draw upon themselves the responsibility to condemn journalism, no matter how good or bad it is... and typically it is the more dictatorial pending type of newspapers.
Illegal organ harvesting is a crime that occurs in many countries, including Sweden. Writing about it is NOT anti-semitic at all... a crime is a crime regardless of the perpetrator.
Stop blocking discussion on a racial basis.
There is a war going on that needs rational discussion. being Pro-Palestinian cause and anti-Israel are NOT the same thing!!! The Israeli government is constantly taking discourse to a racial and religious level creating wounds which will take more and more time to heal. And in the meanwhile there is a war which begs a calm discussion and resolution.
Cheers and peace to all.

The American Crisis said...

It seems you have read more than one of the blogs--I suggest that you comment on them separately. Race is very important, whether a person is Christian or not--not all of my comments are racially oriented--in fact most have no racial component to them. Carl Bildt said Israeli soldiers took the organs of dead Arabs and sold them--that most definitely was a racist statement, spoken by a man who is anti Israel. If Carl Bildt had spoken in general terms about this world problem, or if this truly did occur in Israel that would not have been anti semitic in itself--he also spoke irresponsibly--because what he said never happened. The fact that this blatant lie originated with Muslim Arabs in Israel is very telling, that fact that some Swedish people are willing to imbrace Nazi Islamo fascism is also very telling about Swedish society and culture! I am not aware of all the countries which allow the of murder people and take the organs from the bodies for sale--but I do know that this evil practice is state sponsored in China and that this has never been done in Israel like in China. I have never blocked any legitimate discussion in relation to this blog. While it is very true that a crime is a crime regardless of the perpetrator--it is very important as to why the crime was perpetrated and ideology and Godless religion are very big determinants in the why. The Godless religion of Islam is very much to blame for the crimes committed against innocent Israeli Jews and Arabs too--and against women worldwide! Sweden is a fine example of the Muslim problem--the foolish and immoral Swedish people have allowed Muslims to flood into the country and with that flood has come a great increase in crime, there has been a great increase in Swedish women being raped--raped by Muslim immigrants! Muslims commonly treat women worse than dogs--and that comes directly from their Godless religion. I often mention God in blogs because--the presence of God among the people in a society and culture brings with it a much higher moral standard among the people and the lack of God in a society and culture brings with it immorality, perversion and much crime! This can easily be seen in Sweden and as for so called free speech in Sweden--there is (some free speech) but Christians are not free to speak against the immorality and perversion of homosexuality--Christians are not free to openly live their Christianity. Free speech issues are not that complex--right is right and immoral is immoral--its truly very simple for wise minded people. The Israeli government does not constantly take discourse to a racial and religious level, in fact that is a rare occurrence in Israeli government--but the so called but not Palestinian Arabs do always take discourse to a racial and religious level constantly creating new wounds. It is their Godless religion which is central to their anti Israel/Jew thesis--without Godless Islam their would be no great Arab Jew conflict in the middle east today!