Sunday, September 20, 2009

Barack Obama--No Christian!

Its interesting how the virulently anti Christian American media promoted the lie of Barack Obama as being a Christian and even lying and saying that Jesus the Christ was a community organizer--as if Barack Obama was close to Jesus. Jesus the Christ was not a community organizer! If Barack was a true Christian--the media would never have promoted him--because they hate all things Christian. Barack Obama has never been and is not a Christian! The communist minded media falsely promoted BO as a Christian in order to promote his election--and now that the election is past--they don't mention his so called but not Christianity. The Church Barack Obama attended, Trinity United Church of Christ and supported to the tune if tens of thousands of dollars, preached hatred of Jews, hatred of Israel, hatred white people and hatred of The United States of America--hatred of these are not Christian themes--this church was and is not a true Christian church. It is not Christian to act against the United States Constitution, it is not Christian to promote the mass murder of the unborn and even those who have already been born, it is not Christian to be a consummate liar, it is not Christian to act against Israel and to promote the final solution known as the two state solution! This list goes on and on...

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