Friday, September 25, 2009

Senate Apology For Slavery

June 2009 The United States Senate made an apology for slavery of Negros; this was just another in a long list of white people bending over backwards to kiss the asses of radical American Negros. Yes radical Negros--because its not the average American Negro who wants white people to kiss their asses. This apology accomplished nothing for good--it just added more fuel to the fire of racism and emboldens the radical Negros into wanting more of what does not belong to them--reparations et cetera. The US Senate of 2009 are not qualified to make an apology for what the people did during the Negro slave era--only the people who were responsible for those crimes are qualified to apologize. And many of those qualified persons were Negros--the very Negros who were an integral part of the Negro slave trade--without them there would have essentially been little or no slave trade out of Africa. And why is it these radical Negros are not beating their drums about the Negro slave traders? why are they not trying to extort money from African governments as they are the American people? Truly this ludicrous Negro ass kissing by white Americans has got to stop--its not helping anyone. People need to get about their lives--and stop whining abut what happened long ago. As for reparations--Americans alive today are not responsible for what happened long ago--it would be thievery to take American tax dollars and pay off American Negros. Just like it would be if I went and broke a neighbors window--and then went around to the rest of the neighbors at gun point and took a collection to pay for the window. The tax man/woman--always comes with an [usually] unseen gun. But irresponsible entitlement minded people--don't care who they steal from--they refuse to take responsibility for their own lives--they would rather someone wipe their ass for them--step in the white paternalist. In the perverted thinking of these white paternalists--they believe that most Negros are SO pathetic that they must be treated like children! And for the entitlement minded drones in the gallery--you are entitled to get off of your asses and do for yourselves--you are not entitled to have me or any other American pay for you--its time you wised up!

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