Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harry Reid--Liar And Fraud...

As I sit and listen to Harry Reid live on C-SPAN bemoaning not getting his so called health care appropriations bill passed... Harry Reid the disingenuous liar and fraud he is--was whining like a petulant spoiled child because he didn't get his way and then proceeded to try to divert attention away from the issues at hand by whining about Barack Obama not getting the Olympics for Chicago, [and Mayor Daily] whining because Republicans were happy he didn't get it; he then continues whining about Barack Obama not getting a pat on the back from Republicans for receiving the Nobel Prize--which he did not deserve. Its notable and interesting that Harry Reid won't lay blame where it belongs--with the Democrat party trying to ram through a bill which the American people overwhelmingly do not want--and then blames it on Republicans when the Republicans cannot stop anything--because the Democrat party has the votes. Simply put--its not being passed because some Democrats are not voting in favor of it! Harry Reid is UnAmerican--vote him out of office in 2010!

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