Monday, February 8, 2010

Retards And The New Single Letter Euphemism

Rahm Emanuel the immoral UnAmerican Jewish fascist last August called those in his own party f*cking retarded--he was right leftists are retards--they are intellectually and spiritually retarded. People who are retarded took offense to this and now the leftist ass kissing media are calling retarded the R word--how pathetic. As if retarded people have the right to not be offended--they do not. [Of course name calling, e.g., you retard, retardo, et cetera--is never a good thing!] By not saying the very appropriate word retarded--it does not change the fact there are retarded people nor will it change there unfortunate lot in life. The truth is only offensive to those who are foolish and or ignorant--or otherwise unable to reason in a logical manner. And to further kiss the asses of retarded people Rahm Emanuel is hosting a retard summit--and now the US government has launched a new campaign to hire even severely retarded people--in some cases individuals who are not fit to work in legitimate government work due to extreme physical and intellectual retardation. This blog writer is not taking the R word pledge--and never will. When foolish and ignorant people get offended by the truth--then so be it.

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