Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Debt Spending And Haiti!

I sit here and watch irresponsible senators live on CSPAN pushing a bill to give billions of dollars to the Haitian people. Billions of American dollars have already been wasted upon the Haitian people; it is not the responsibility of the American people to fix the problems of the Haitian people--nor can we--they must fix their own problems. These foolish senators do not seem to understand that spending money which is not available and increasing the debt is extremely harmful the the well being of the American people and to the security of the nation on many levels. Now an appropriately [small] amount of assistance could be given to help the Haitian people fix their own problems--but this would have to be strictly overseen by those who actually know what they are doing--this would benefit both the American people and the Haitian people! But such money could and should only be given when The United States has a balanced budget--the American people cannot take care of the rest of the world whether they live nearby as in the Caribbean or on the other side of the world--it simply is not are responsibility as a nation. Giving more money to Haiti at this time is not in any way good for the American people--The United States of America does not have any money to give--The United States of America is trillions of dollars in debt; and finally this debt money will not have the great beneficial effect these foolish senators think it will--it will mostly be wasted and will mostly not help the Haitian people!

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