Friday, August 27, 2010

Minorities And Marxism

The progressive Marxist notion which asserts that because certain groups of people are less in numbers in relation to certain other groups [whites in America]--means they are entitled to extra privileges, extra protections and being coddled and treated like children--is illogical and wholly without merit. This evil and very UnAmerican notion is usually presented as a red herring and or a straw man argument[s]--its real goal is to advance cultural [progressive] Marxism--which is communism by pitting one group against another. And the very people--the so called "oppressed minority" are the ones hurting the most from these Marxist [progressive] policies--but not just them the entire nation is being deliberately hurt and destroyed by Cultural Marxism--as that was the plan from the very beginning--"two steps forward, one step back". And this is where we are today with ninety one percent plus of the American nation as the founders established it now gone; the rest is soon to follow--because of a corrupt, ingorant and very pathetic American people--who are allowing approximately twenty percent of the population to force UnAmerican Marxist progressive change upon everyone else.

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