Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progressives And Islam

Governor Christie 8-16-10, "We cannot paint all of Islam with that brush [terrorism] we can't paint all of Islam with the Mohammad Atta brush, we have to bring people together, and what offends me the most about all of this is that its being used as a political football by both parties, I'm not getting into it because I would be guilty of the same thing that candidates and Republicans and the president is now guilty of playing politics with this issue, I'm simply not going to do it." And yet he did! Governor Christie  those of his ilk and most Americans, even most Muslims worldwide shows a profound lack of understanding of Islam. The reality is that Islam itself has painted itself with the terrorism brush--while it is true that not all Muslims are wanting terrorism--Islam does indeed want terrorism--if Governor Christie would have read a direct Arab to English translation of the Koran--then he would know this! Islam is all about terrorism--terrorism, hate, murder, domination, subjugation, repression, political fascism, against Christians, against Jews, against Israel, against America and what America stands for and abuse of women is what Islam is all about! Christians, Americans--do not need dialog with Muslims--we Christians, we Americans need to shut the Islamists down and out--permanently! Islamists do not have a constitutional right to speak and preach the hatred and sedition of Islam--they do not have the constitutional right to build mosques--the building of mosques and the preaching of Islam is sedition! The history of Islam is that those who do not stand firmly against Islam are taken over by Islam--don't believe that? then go look at the true history of Islam.
Progressives like G.W. Bush, Michael Bloomberg, Grover Norquist, Nancy pelosi, et alia are trying to make all of Islam out to be peaceful; they are in favor of the near ground zero mosque--because its part of the communist way of bringing down The United States of America--they do not love America--they do not love Americans--they hate America and Americans. And Barack Hussein Obama supports this mosque--because he is a Muslim--not just a sympathizer--but a true Muslim.

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