Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mexican police have been illegally patrolling the streets of Port Richmond, NY on Staten Island. Port Richmond has a large population of illegal [criminal] Mexicans--and among those many are violent criminals. The Mexican police are supposedly patrolling in response to so called bias attacks/hate crimes--and who are those who are against these criminal Mexicans--mostly Negros and Asians--in short these Americans do not want these Mexican criminals in their city. The Mexican government and their corrupt police forces--have absolutely no jurisdiction anywhere in The United States of America. As for the progressive communists, the United States Constitution means nothing but a hindrance to there goal of completely destroying The United States of America. Mayor Bloomberg and the other progressive [communist] politicos in NY and in Washington D.C. and their stooges in the police force[s]--will continue to disregard the constitution whenever it suits them--because the American people of New York and of The United States of America are allowing them to do so. Foreign police forces are not needed within The United of America. These Mexican police on Staten Island, are a test to see how the American people will respond to foreign police on American soil. The American government including state governments--have mostly been taken over by communists [progressives] and are pushing communism, globalism and the complete loss of soverignity and the destruction of The United States of America. Foreign police in American cities and other places including rural locals will become common place [also foreign military]--unless the American people stand up for the constitution and themselves--I do not see the American people standing up against this in an effective manner!

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