Thursday, April 7, 2011

Richard Goldstone's Murderous Libel!

Judge Richard Goldstone a self hating Jew, Israel hater and anti Semite, has recently admitted at least some of the inaccuracies in "The Goldstone report" in a Washington Post Op-Ed, April 1, 2011--but he accepts no responsibility for those deliberate libelous inaccuracies against Israel. Richard Goldstone is now blaming Israel for the inaccuracies in his anti Israel report from September 15, 2009--because they wouldn't cooperate with the anti Semitic commission; when in reality Richard Goldstone deliberately presented his report which was intentionally libelous against Israel and in support of the Arab Nazi-Islamofascist murderers--his report was noting but Arab Nazi-Islamofascist anti Israel, anti Semitic, hate propaganda. His report was never intended to be an honest accounting of the facts in Gaza and of Israel's military engagement against the Arab terrorists--it was from the beginning intended to slander Israel and Jews--Richard Goldstone knew from the beginning he was lying and presenting Nazi-Islamofascist Arab libelous anti Semitic propaganda. The report violated international standards for inquires, including UN rules on fact finding--and favored the testomony of the Nazi-Islamofascist Arab terrorists themselves--Richard Goldstone now admits he never intended on following international standards. Richard Goldstone was encouraged to take on the Human Rights Commission [also with a history of anti Israel Bias] investigation--by Kenneth Roth another anti Israel self hating Jew and disgraced leader of Human Rights Watch. This of course is not news to this blog writer--I knew it from the beginning. Richard Goldstone travels around the world speaking at law schools promoting hatred against Israel and the Jews; Richard Goldstone is one of many Jews in thousands of years of Jewish history who were self hating Jews and were very much willing to do everything in their power to destroy the nation of Israel and their fellow Jews.

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