Thursday, March 15, 2012

FOX News--Not Fair Not Balanced

The notion that FOX News is "fair and balanced" and conservative--is ludicrous; FOX News is well left of center as such they promote many evils and lies of the Marxist democrat party.

If FOX News were genuinely "fair and balanced" they would not fill their ranks with those from the Marxist democrat left--they would not have Marxists on to refute every conservative viewpoint--to refute the truth itself.

Genuinely fair and balanced would require the entire staff of FOX News be conservative and that no Marxist from the left would ever be allowed to refute the truth with their insane Marxist lies. The Marxist lies would simply be read, otherwise shown and then refuted with the truth. For example--one does not need to have a NAZI party member on to tell the truth of what the NAZI's believe--in fact bringing the NAZI on discredits the whole process of fair and balanced. Those who cannot reason logically will not see this truth.

Rupert Murdoch is neither a conservative nor is he a good man--his reasoning for having FOX News was from the beginning to make him money and to gain more influence--it was never to promote conservative values and the truth.

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