Friday, March 9, 2012

Hilary Clinton And Cheating Bill

What kind of woman stays with a man who commonly goes out and uses other women for his sexual pleasure? a foolish woman with low self esteem who is very insecure!

Despite her iron woman eminence front, Hilary Clinton is one of many such women who are weak and pathetic, who refuse to stand up in an effective and proper manner to the whorish men in their lives.

The reality is men like Bill Clinton do not genuinely love their wives or their children--a man who truly loved them would never cheat on his wife and family.

Such cheating actions by whorish men like Bill Clinton are not "mistakes", as a mistake is unintentional, but rather they are deliberate actions, deliberate wrong doing--as such they should never be excused!

Addendum: Other cheating whores in this category: Elliot Spitzer, Johnny Edwards, Newt Gingrich, Ted Kennedy, et al.--there is no shortage of whores to fill this category--and no shortage of pathetic women who stay with them.

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