Saturday, September 15, 2012

American Embassies Undefended And Sacked

Anne W. Patterson the Marxist ambassador to Egypt would not allow the assigned Marine guard to carry live ammunition in their guns!

This insanity is not surprising since its common for Marxists to treat guns as bad. American media and schools which are mostly run by Marxists--have for many years indoctrinated students that guns are bad--that people aren't bad, just misunderstood--no one needs guns; they have indoctrinated them with the nonsensical belief to be afraid of guns--even toy guns and photos, even a gesture with ones hands are disallowed.

Many of these insane Marxist whores believe just having a gun--is enough to scare the "bad guys" away--when real world experience shows us that "bad guys" will often advance upon gun wielding people--and again this has been proven so.

More often than not, the proper means to stop violent aggression--is by violent aggression--this is what violently evil people understand.

This is part of cultural Marxism--to feminize and dumb people down and indoctrinate them with all manner of immorality and foolishness--and make them completely dependent upon government.

Anne Patterson is an incompetent fool--as well as those who sent her there--an Islamic Arab nation is no place to send a woman ambassador; Islam and Arabs do not respect women, even more so for those who are not of Islam--especially an American woman.

Christopher Stevens a Marxist and incompetent fool of an ambassador--also did not allow his Marine guard to defend the Embassy--his Marines had unloaded guns. In addition to this--Christopher Stevens thought himself to be on a kill list--and he had no personal security. This stupid fool not only got himself murdered and homosexually raped by Muslims--but three others murdered as well--Christopher Stevens pathetically thought he was bringing peace and democracy to Libya--when in reality he was enabling Nazi-Islamic oppression--with the accompanying kidnap, rape and murder. Its one thing for a man or woman to be a pathetic Marxist fool and whore--but they do not have the right to drag others down with them.

There was advance warning days in advance of these Nazi-Islamic terrorist acts of war against The United States of America--even without any advance warning it is well known that Nazi-Islamists like to anniversary commemorate dates on which they have previously committed acts of terrorism--and September 11 is such a day.

It was apparent to this author early on and before Gadaffi was deposed, that deposing Gadaffi would not lead to peace and democracy in Libya--but rather the opposite because I knew the Muslim Brotherhood would come into power--and so did the Obama administration--the same was also apparent to me about Mubarak and Egypt before he was deposed.

Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton, et al.--have deliberately destabilized Egypt and Libya--have deliberately taken out of power Mubarek of Egypt and Gadaffi of Libya, who were holding back the Muslim Brotherhood--so the Muslim Brotherhood would come into power and aline against Israel!
They have also worked to destabilize other Islamic nations in the African region and in Syria to the same end.

Barack Hussein Obama--is such a pussy, a feminized neutered male--he allows these whorish, anti Semitic, sociopathic women including Michelle Obama--to lead him around by the nose!

What else is to be expected from a man--who is a sexual pervert!

For anyone who might wonder how it would be under a female president--now America is governed by the above female despots under the figurehead Barack Obama.

Let's not forget Bill Clinton--the Marxist whore and sociopath of a president--who disallowed military personnel to carry guns on base--and this together with the Marxists flooding our nation with Muslims who hate Americans and our way of life--enabled Major Nidal Hassan to Murder twelve American military personnel and one unborn child--while shouting Allahu Akbar--this happening after he repeatedly and for a lengthy time expressed his murderous Islamic views.

[Bill Clinton also had three chances to get Osama Bin Laden--and passed on each of them.]

There should not be any Muslims allowed anywhere in American government or in the military--and those who are here need to be deported; and yet they continue to flood into the American nation and into local, state and federal government and the military!

This again is a result of Godless cultural Marxism--which will not condemn evil people and deal properly with them--but instead allows them to continue on with their evil--while at the same time does condemn those who are good and who stand for what is right and good--especially Christians.

The American military should and need to armed to the teeth on base--with most [ninety nine percent or more] on duty personnel being armed and well trained to handle any situation when it arises--the military personnel assigned to embassies also need the same--anything less is terribly wrong.

What happened in Egypt and Libya are acts of war--and blood needs to be spilled in response--brute force is the only thing Islam and Arabs understand when it comes to their aggression--being "nice" shows them the nice are weak and ignorant--and encourages them to more evil aggression.

Furthermore--the so called anti Islam movie--did not cause Muslims to riot, rape and murder--it was Godless Islam which caused them to do this evil!

"Islam hates anyone and everyone who is not of them--it even hates its own kind--there is no moderate Islam--all of Islam is radical--it is an evil Godless political religion--the only way to properly deal with the evil of Islam is to destroy its adherents, to educate everyone else and to not give Islam any place in America!"

The architects of the above evils and those who believe in and enable them are sociopaths--those in the Marxist-globalist hierarchy--are using Nazi-Islam, together with the homosexual agenda, feminism, affirmative action, eco-Marxism and economic Marxism in their efforts to destroy American liberty and prosperity--they know exactly what they are doing; and they do not care how many lives they destroy in the process as they have already destroyed over fifty three million unborn Americans, now at the rate of over one million a year, notwithstanding the millions destroyed by drug abuse and crime--of which Marxism is mostly the cause of and has been for decades.

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