Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Barack Obama Whiny Marxist Bitch

This just in--Mitt Romney wins the election for president--the whiny Marxist bitch Barack Hussein Obama loses; when the votes are counted, Mitt Romney will most likely win by a margin of at least three to seven percent!



Anonymous said...

lol look who lost and was a whiny little bitch about it

The American Crisis said...

I was never a fan of Mitt Romney!

There has been no whining on my part--Barack Obama is in fact an effeminate petulant whiner.

As for Barack Obama 'winning'--he 'won' due to massive voter fraud--and a lying bend over backwards to kiss Obama's half Negro ass Media; including the corrupt judicial and political branches of government--who are complicit with the Obama fraud!

There is nothing to 'lol' about--as there is nothing funny about what both parties are doing to destroy American liberty.