Monday, October 29, 2012

Democrat Lena Dunham For Barack Obama

Lena Dunham, a whorish, perverted, sociopathic woman--who looks like a homosexual in this advertisement.

Lina Dunham who in this advertisement which is directed at women, compares losing one's virginity to voting for Barack Obama.

This advertisement is another fine example of the incompetence of Barack Obama and his campaign; they continue to throw shit against the wall, hoping some of it will stick--utter incompetence!

Oh yes--this Barack Obama/Lena Dunham advertisement was originally an advertisement for Vladimir Putin; of course the Obama administration would look to a fellow communist for help.

The only people who would be persuaded by this advertisement to vote for Barack Obama--are the immature, the foolish and the ignorant useful idiots--which are a large percentage of the Marxist democrat voting base!

Barack Obama who never had a girlfriend before his wife--who other than being a communist--is nothing like the playboy Vladimir Putin who actually likes women--at least for sex.

And for all of the Obama administration's bilking of their supporters out of money in a cynical attempt to get illegally re-elected--for all of the ranting, raving, lying and cheating--they are losing--as the majority of the voting American people are fed up with Barack Obama's Marxism, incompetence and deliberate malfeasance!

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