Friday, February 1, 2013

Sandy Hook Massacre In Perspective

Those on the left who are driven out of Marxist ideology--are now claiming... If people do not support gun bans, if they do not support magazine limits, if they do not support universal background checks--then they do not like children and they want to see more massacres such as those at Sandy Hook.

And then there are the useful idiots, the masses who ignorantly vote for Marxism, e.g., the Obama drones, who do not know anything about Jesuitical arguments and cultural Marxism, i.e., political correctness--they just go along with the propaganda and their own ignorance and emotionalism; they do not do much thinking for themselves, but rather they allow the propagandists to think for them.

The reality of the law abiding American gun owner is very different from what the Marxist ideologically driven media portray,
as it is the lawfully armed citizens who act to prevent massacres like those at Sandy Hook; the very presence of the lawfully armed citizen--is a deterrent to all types of violent crime.

Many of those in support of such unnecessary and unconstitutional restrictions, which for the most would do nothing to prevent crime--are for the most the same who promote, fund and support the mass murder of children by abortion; which means most of these are sociopaths and are not saddened by the deaths of twenty children at Sandy Hook--it is they who do not like children--it is they who want to see more massacres!

So why the outrage about the murder of twenty children at Sandy Hook? when last year alone over one million children were murdered by abortion in the United States of America--with over fifty million children murdered since 1973, in part because of the unconstitutional supreme court decision in favor of abortion murder!

Much of this so called outrage is politically motivated--and is disingenuous.

Many of these wanting to disarm lawfully armed American citizens--do not care about the children--it is their Marxist ideology of disarming the civilian populace--which is what they care about and want to force upon the American people.

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