Friday, October 10, 2008

Barney Frank, The Media And Massachusetts

Its interesting how when a politician in the United States especially a Republican has sexual affairs with others, the media cries immoral and conflict of interest--and beats that drum loudly so everyone who listens to their dribble knows what they think. But the immoral media even did it to one of their own, namely Bill Clinton--and what a disgrace and hurt to the country that was, even more than Bill Clinton's and Monica Lewinsky's personal and what should have been private disgrace! (There were plenty of opportunities to out the immoral sexual affairs of Republicans--but they did not.) Its interesting how the immoral Jewish media beat the drum of immorality when it was discovered that Bill Clinton received a blow job from the Jewish whore Monica Lewinsky--while at the same time they bend over backwards to promote a self destructive and immoral homosexual lifestyle. (Interesting how Bill Clinton seems to have a proclivity for Jewish whores going back to at least the Arkansas days. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky", as if his penis in her mouth was not a sexual relation--how pathetic.)How pathetic the majority of American Jewry are--how far they have fallen from the good days when the majority of Jewish people lived according to the high morals of the Torah--history has proven that whenever a Jew abandons their precious Torah--it is always to their self destruction and also often to the destruction of others around them! (I think God there is still a remnant of righteous Jews in America and elsewhere, those who love the Torah!) Now on to Barney Frank--who is the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and who is directly along with others responsible for the current financial crisis; Barney Frank has a major conflict of interest, he being a homosexual had a homosexual affair with a member of Fannie Mae. So why isn't the mostly Jewish American media beating the drum of immorality and conflict of interest? for two main reasons, the first is Barney Frank is a Democrat and they don't want anything to hurt Barack Obama's chances of becoming president and their second reason being, the Jewish media of whom many are homosexual have an agenda of promoting the homosexual lifestyle as being normal and alright to the American people--so the immoral Jewish media will not touch the issues with Barney Frank and the homosexual who works for Fannie Mae, once again the American media is Un-American and irresponsible. The media has a responsibility to report the truth and not a responsibility to promote special interests, they have a responsibility to NOT promote the international homosexual agenda. There is also something to be said for the people of Massachusetts they are largely immoral and have repeatedly voted into office the homosexual Barney Frank, Barney Frank has been a Massachusetts state representative since January 5, 1981, that's over 27 years, which says a lot for the people who consistently vote him in; where he has promoted not only the homosexual agenda but also many Un-American political positions which have been a great hurt to the people of Massachusetts, with a reduction of the Constitutional rights of Massachusetts/Americans and an increase in crime not only from American citizens but also from the large illegal Mexican immigrant population--crime which would not happen if these people were not allowed to be in Massachusetts. But they don't just allow these illegal Mexicans to be in Massachusetts--they encourage them to come and commit more crime with their illegal and unconstitutional sanctuary cities. (Why aren't there sanctuary cities for American citizens? there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution or elsewhere in American law for sanctuary cities.) Crime which would not happen if the people and the government of Massachusetts would not treat criminals even the worst sexual violent offenders as if they deserve another chance and not just one chance but many chances, when in reality they deserve no chances! Most of the people of Massachusetts are immoral and they have only themselves to blame for how bad things are within their state--sadly most of the people within Massachusetts don't even realize just how bad things are--and that it is they who are responsible!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Vice Presidential "Debate" And Negro Favoritism

First, this so called vice presidential debate--was not a debate. I have to wonder why Gwen Ifill was chosen as moderator... Was it the perennial favorite (she was chosen because she is a Negro) among certain politicians and media? In any case--she was a very poor choice--she stammered and in general came off as incompetent! I also wonder if the foolish and Un-American desire to promote Negros well beyond their aproximate 14% of the population and in most cases filling the positions with inferior Negros is a deliberate attempt to promote the notion of Negro inferiority to white people (and in some cases they are inferior, as are white people--because not everyone is equal)--in some cases this is definitely the reason such Negros are chosen--but in many others it is simple incompetence on the part of those who are foolish enough to promote this Un-American evil that does not to choose competent and talented Negros to fill positions. One type of promotion I would be in favor of (albeit not to the exclusion of white people--because that is Un-American and unjust) is choosing Negros who are truly representative of the best that race has to offer, i.e. Negro people who speak proper English, who are Christian, or Jewish and of the highest moral character. Unfortunately Negros, Jews or white people of high moral character are rarely seen in America anymore!