Friday, August 1, 2008

How To Vote Properly

On this I am certain--most Americans don't know how to vote properly. They make the foolish mistake of depending upon the mainstream media and not doing the necessary research themselves. For the most part they refuse to vote for competent and highly moral individuals who have integrity! In addition most Americans are superficial--little unimportant things about a candidate will either influence them to vote for or against. e.g. He/she seems like a nice person, they look nice, they are a man, they are a woman, they are Negro, they are Mexican, they are Asian et cetera--all these things are completely irrelevant. And then there are the fools who will only vote along party specific lines, as if only candidates from that party have the answers and no one else from any other party could ever do a good job; even though party politics have caused so many problems--both the Democratic and Republican party members have proven for the most part to be incompetent and corrupt and in general hell bent on destroying The United States of America. Party politics in America has degenerated into a gang of whores selling their services to the highest bidders, usually without any regard for the American people. The focus needs to move away from party politics and the responsibility for this begins with the voter--the focus should always be upon the individual and what they stand for! And if this foolishness weren't enough--many Americans won't vote for someone who they want if they don't think that person can win; so they foolishly choose someone they don't want because they think they can or will win--its this foolishness and the others outlined herein that are the major problems among voting Americans. People need to always take the time to find out what the candidate truly stands for and to look at their voting record if they have held political office and to take a very close look at what kind of people they truly are. And not to depend upon the mainstream media to educate them about candidates--because they never do through exposes about candidates--they just gloss over some of the high points. People who vote should always vote for who they truly want and believe would do the right things for America; and if there is no one running for office who the voter believes in--they shouldn't be foolish and irresponsible and vote for someone anyway! Sometimes the best way to vote is not to vote--wise and responsible Americans will understand this and act accordingly! Being a good and proper American voter requires responsibility and personal integrity--these are things that are sorely lacking in American society today.