Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will The Real "Ellie Light" Please Stand Up!

I am writing on this story not because Winston Stewart is relevant [he isn't]--because his attitude is indicative of very serious UnAmerican thinking and behavior on the left! Ellie Light aka Winston Stewart of Frazier Park, CA has been posting stories about the Communist Barack Obama [Kissing B.O.'s ass--W.S. must like the smell of sh*t!] in at least sixty eight newspapers across America. Among other things he wrote that Obama won by a land slide--I have to correct this--B.O. the stinker won by a narrow margin of less than four percent. Winston Stewart also blamed G.W. Bush for many of the problems which B.O. the stinking communist has created. Winston Stewart's wife Barbara Brooks has said that Stewart is afraid of those right wing crazies--I have to correct this foolish assumption--the vast majority of crazies are on the left with Winston Stewart. If Winston Stewart truly did not want to be found out he would have kept his mouth shut--the truth is he wanted to be known! Winston Stewart is an UnAmerican, ignorant, lying, immoral fool--very much like the majority of those who are on the left!