Thursday, October 29, 2009


Early this morning Barack Obama "personally" attended the transfer of dead American soldiers at Dover Air Force Base. Barack Obama is just going through the motions with his pathetic and disrespectful display, pretending to be engaged in a meaningful maner. Barack Obama's incompetent leadership as acting commander in chief is precisely why Americans are dying in Afghanistan; his refusal to send the necessary 40,000 troops and equipment--and to engage the war effort full force is allowing the Taliban to increase their war effort--to kill Americans and Afghan civilians! And finally there were three DEA agents also killed in Afghanistan--the DEA is a police force--and as such has no business having agents in Afghanistan during the war in unsecured territory--they have no business having agents there at any time. The DEA is a corrupt agency staffed with a high percentage incompetent agents, was created by the incompetent and corrupt Richard Milhous Nixon--should be disbanded. The United States of America did very well before the DEA and would do very well without them now--and it would save a lot of tax payer dollars!