Friday, February 25, 2011

Middle East Chaos

There will be no truly good democracy in the Middle East, not even in Israel where life is better than in any other Middle Eastern country--the political unrest in many Middle Eastern countries will not lead to a better social and political reality for the people--things will become far worse!
Russian communists and their American communist proxies are the major force behind the political and social unrest in the Middle East, the tactics they are using in Wisconsin are the same tactics they are using in the middle east--with one partial exception--they have co opted the Islamists in their quest to promote communism in the Middle East and worldwide.
The SEIU [an American communist organization] was in Egypt stirring up dissension over a year before the major unrest began--in fact the American communists are behind a great deal of the political unrest in the Middle East--the political and social unrest which was there before [mostly being caused by the Islamists]--they have co opted for their own evil ends. I suppose the fact that Mubarak was a puppet of the globalist communist movement was not enough for them.
A close look at the internal and public documents and public statements of The Soviet communists and now the Russian communists and of American communist organizations like the SEIU and the AFL-CIO readily show their intentions to promote worldwide communism by whatever means necessary.
The Marxists are behind multiculturalism, diversity programs, liberation theology, women in the military and police and elsewhere where women cannot perform as well as men, they are behind the promotion of homosexuality and of homosexuals in the military and in schools even to children and all throughout society, they are behind the deliberate dumbing down of the American public school system and even of higher education--even of once highly esteemed institutions like Harvard university and the rest of the so called Ivy League schools and of most of the other colleges and universities. They have lowered the bar SO low [mainly to allow incompetent women and Negros in--precisely because they are incompetent, rather than hiring people in the same classes who are competent, or better] that there is now very little quality in these organizations and in most other organizations which have embraced social Marxism--and this was the goal of the communists to destroy The United States of America from within--because they could not do so from without. Its also important to note here the Marxists do not care about women or about homosexuals or about Negros--they are just using them for their own evil ends--in all truth whenever the Marxists have obtained power in a nation they have systematically oppressed women and homosexuals and so called minorities.
The social and political unrest in the Middle East is what they have planned for The United States of America--what is happening in Wisconsin and the Middle East and more besides is the shape of things to come for America!
Of course the pathetic American people are largely unaware and entirely responsible for these things--they have been so dumbed down by political correctness aka social Marxism they now know very little of the truth of their own nation or of the world they live in. The American people have become a nation of ignorant, immoral whores--like dumb lambs they are being led to their own slaughter!