Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton The Strong Woman--Not!

First I will digress a bit before I get to the point. The media did in fact screw over Hillary Clinton at many points and no doubt this is at least in part because she is a woman. And even more unfortunately many in the media believe they need to suck up to Negros and kiss their asses--so in fact they were not only being sexist--they were also being racist. The American media collectively decided that they would suck up to Barack Obama and his wife and they have firmly planted their lips on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's asses. I hear a lot about Hillary Clinton being a strong woman, I have been watching her and listening to her over many years now and I have never seen anything which leads me to believe that Hillary Clinton is a strong woman, just the opposite--she is a weak woman. Oh she comes off as tough, with tough talk--but that's just empty words and an imminence front; when faced with a truly strong person--Hilary Clinton is diminutive. Of course she like her husband will bully those who will allow her to do so--but that does not make her strong. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly proven that she is very much the typical woman who has low self esteem. She has never come out from the shadow of her husband, in fact she still rides his coat tails and his popularity. Claiming vast political experience when in fact the vast political experience is that of her husband. Its basically women like Hillary Clinton who allow their husbands to repeatedly cheat on them with other women who have low self esteem and a lack of personal responsibility; for years Hillary Clinton has put up with this evil from her husband--with no end in sight. And now recently in "Unity" NH she stands up with Barack Obama like the dutiful and diminutive girlfriend supporting her man--what a pathetic political whore Hillary Clinton is. If she truly believed that she is the right woman for the Office of the president and Barack Obama is not--then she would never stand up with Barack Obama in support of him. But Hillary Clinton the political whore she is--is proving herself yet again to be the typical American politician--business as usual, if I can't win then I'll support anyone else in my party who can win. Hilary Clinton like Barack Obama is the typical American sell out to the lobbyists politician. As I have previously written--it should never be about the party--but always about the right person(s)! In fact party politics in America are almost completely corrupt with both parties voting the same on most of the major issues; with both parties bending over backwards to destroy this nation.