Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg-11-27-08

Mayor Bloomberg said today on national TV that "crime in NYC is way down", he also said "he didn't even know if there was a murder this year"; and this with the present gun laws--how disingenuous of Mayor Bloomberg when he labels the gun, the inanimate object the problem--when in fact the problem lies within certain evil individuals who misuse guns! Evil people should always be held completely accountable for their crimes with guns and not innocent law abiding citizens. Mayor Bloomberg like all of the so called elite fascists only want to disenfranchise law abiding Americans from their Second Amendment gun rights solely for the purpose of control, repression and oppression--they have made these facts very clear in their writing's and in what they have spoken!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Larry King And The Pregnant "Man"...

I'm flipping channels and come accross Larry King, interviewing a pregnant "man" and his morbidly obese woman partner (herself a lesbian)--but this pregnant man is not a man at all--but in fact a homosexual female who has altered her appearance to "look" like a man; this is just another example of the media promoting homosexuality and not calling this homosexual woman what she truly is. The immoral media and the homosexual agenda et al believe that no one can disagree with any immorality--and that everyone must go along with those who are immoral and if they don't agree say nothing. And when people do stand up and tell the truth--the homosexual agenda and their immoral media complicitors et al place labels of intolerance, hatered and bigotry upon them--no matter how untrue these labels often are. But at the same time, many of these same homosexuals and those in the media et al are in fact intolerant, hating and bigoted toward Christians and anyone else who does not like them--they simply hate the ONE true God, his morality and those who love him! Morality originated with the one true God, the God of the Bible--so it is no surprise the international homosexual agenda will rail against this God and those who are called by his name. Homosexuals in America who are citizens have the right as Americans to their own self determination--but they do not have the right to force their lifestyle choices upon anyone else and they do not have the right to silence opposition. (many of these same people are extremely vocal against Christians--and many in the media are complicit with this evil.) When it comes to immoral behavior in The United States of America, no one has the right to flaunt it in public--but they do have the limited right as Americans to do as they choose in private, as long as there are no minors involved and no one else who is not a willing participant. "No one has the right to be immoral or wrong--not ever! And finally, "No one has the right to force others to coddle those who are homosexual, if these homosexuals weren't so insecure within themselves they would not be seeking the approval of society and trying to silence all opposition to their dysfunctional and immoral lifestyle." "I as a Christian do not expect nor do I seek the approval of those in society--I am secure within my God and within myself."

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah Palin--Part Two

Its interesting how the American media even now the election is over still (like an old dog with a bone) just won't let it go about Sarah Palin and move on to new things--how pathetic. The main reason these media types do not like her is because she actually stands for high moral integrity and of course she took a position against their immoral and UnAmerican candidate! So in their corrupt manner of thinking they had to stop being journalists and start distorting the facts and even outright lieing about Sarah Palin. In addition large parts of the American media stand for and promote the most depraved types of immorality imaginable as if its all good and normal; while at the same time looking at those with high moral integrity as if they were from another planet. These evil media types are the major purveyors of intolerance and hatred against Americans of a high moral character and they undermine all that the founding fathers stood for--how pathetic!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historic Marxism

The media likes to make much out of little, e.g. Barack Obama is SO historic because he is half Negro and half white--but what they fail to speak of is that every human action is historic. Barack Obama being half Negro and half white is historic--big deal its not about race but about ideology. And Barack Obama's Marxist ideology has been historically proven to be a resounding failure in every nation which has been foolish enough to embrace it--and this is no different in The United States of America!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barack Obama, The Media And Being Negative

Its rather pathetic and disingenuous of the American media--and also of Barack Obama and his campaign when they accuse John McCain and Sarah Palin of being negative--but its not being negative when one is telling the truth--and when one is just saying what Barack Obama stands for! Barack Obama and his campaign don't like the truth because they know most of the American people do not accept what Barack Obama stands for! What is negative in fact is when Barack Obama admittedly does not not respect the U.S. Constitution, when Barack Obama does not respect the Second Amendment, when Barack Obama does not respect human life--and in fact has voted to murder children--even those who are born alive after failed abortions, when Barack Obama wants to tax hard working Americans more for being successful and then give it to those who are lazy and immoral, when Barack Obama wants to wreak everything America stands for and replace it with full blown Marxism, when Barack Obama said in his book, if push comes to shove he would side with the Muslims, when Barack Obama won't even prove his eligibility to be president, when Barack Obama sends goon squads to harass those who disagree with him, When Barack Obama sends teams of Lawyers to dig up dirt on his opponents, e.g. Sarah Palin et alii, when Barack Obama surrounds himself with known and admitted terrorists, when Barack Obama surrounds himself with anti American Marxists, when Barack Obama is blatantly anti Israel, who surrounds himself with anti Israel advisors, when Barack Obama uses Franklin Rains, the failed former chairman of Fannie Mae as an advisor, when Barack Obama openly lies as he often does, when Barack Obama's message changes from group to group telling each what they want to hear just for votes--instead of having the same message for all Americans, when Barack Obama favors the promotion by law of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda, even to small children in school, when Barack Obama wants to eliminate the free choice of parents for the education of their children, when Barack Obama wants to force socialized medicine upon all Americans. Its clear that it is Barack Obama who is the negative one!