Friday, October 2, 2009

They Do Not Want Americans To Know!

Barack Obama promised that the American People would have available to them the same insurance health options which federal employees have available to them--Barack Obama lied its not even something he and his Confederates have tried to do for the American people! Barack Obama promised that he would post legislation online for at least five days--he lied neither he nor his confederates in the democrat party want this. [And some in the Republican party] They wouldn't even accept a Republican sponsored [Senator Jim Bunning, KY] to post health care legislation online for seventy two hours--vote was rejected 12-11. Senator Max Baucus, D, MT--whined about it taking his staff two weeks to post the proposed health care legislation online, the posting could have been contracted out to professionals and saved time and money, Max Baucus maligned the American people when he said the people couldn't understand it. There were two exceptions--Senator Blance Lincoln, D, AR who is also on the Finance Committee and Senator Claire McCaskill said she supported Senator Jim Bunning's proposal. Senator Max Baucus also said--“This probably sounds a little crazy to some people that we are voting on something before we have seen legislative language.” He's right--it is crazy! What the democrat [progressive] [and some Republicans] communists want is to pass legislation with large gaps in it so they can fill in the blanks later with what they want--under the table as it were. Neither Barack Obama nor most of those in the Democrat party--[even some in the Republican party] want the American people to know exactly what they have written in the legislation [and do not have written to fill in latter] because they know the American people for the most part do not want the communism they are proposing, not only in so called health care reform--but also in the communism of Cap and Trade aka Cap and Tax, which severely limits economic production [ultimately like what is in Cuba and worse] and tax the people every time they fart--because its all to the save the Earth! Cap and Tax and so called health care reform go hand in hand--they are both means to the same end--the repression of global communism.