Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Barack Obama A Muslim?

Is Barack Obama a Muslim? The idea that he refused to place his hand on the Bible for his swearing in as Senator of Illinois is mistakenly believed by many to be true; and no doubt this same lie has been deliberately perpetuated by others who have an agenda against Barack Obama. The latter would be in a better position to refute his claims of being the right man for the Office of the President by using the truth--and there are many truths which completely disqualify Barack Obama from being the right man for President of The United States of America! Barack Obama did in fact on January 24, 2005 place his hand on his copy of the Bible, for his swearing in as Senator of the State of Illinois which Dick Cheney presided over. However the fact that a man places his hand upon the Bible for a swearing in--in no way qualifies him as a Christian. Many people who claim to be Christians--are not true Christians, Matthew 7:21-23. It has become a pathetic phenomena in American politics, that politicians especially Republicans will claim to be Christians all for the purpose of political gain. Its rare to find a true Christian in high (or low) political office in America. That said the idea that a Christian is going to be a good politician or leader is rarely true. Or if Barack Obama is a true Christian that fact in no way necessarily means he is seriously devoted to living in accordance with the teachings outlined within the Bible (in fact most true Christians are not seriously devoted to anything involving God.) I have seen no evidence that Barack Obama is a Muslim--nor have I seen any evidence that he is a Christian. (It was Keith Ellison Muslim congressman of MN who was sworn into office with his hand on a Koran.)