Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oliver Stone And The Jewish Media

The Jewish leftist Oliver Stone--says Jews control the media for the benefit of Israel; the truth is somewhat different than the anti Semitic leftist viewpoint. [Here we have another case of a self hating, God hating, USA hating Jew--Oliver Stone.] While it is true that there are many Jews in the American media and their Jewish conspirators in government do have a lot of control; they for the most part are not in support of Israel or of The United States of America--in fact they for the most part are extremely anti Israel, anti American--pro Arab--pro Muslim. The self hating, God hating Jewish media are big proponents of and go out of their way to push the homosexual agenda, to promote Muslim extremism and hatred of and toward Israel and hatred of and toward The United States of America and Christians. They are doing everything in their power to undermine The United States of America and everything which has made this nation the greatest nation in the history of the world. They are also doing everything in their power to undermine the legitimacy of Israel. Oliver Stone went on to defend Adolph Hitler, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and praised Hugo Chavez and Josef Stalin. Oliver Stone is a fool--he has gone whoring after leftist insanity! Any intelligent and honest person who takes an objective look at the American media coverage can readily see this reality.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progressive Paternalism Of Negros

Its interesting how the UnAmerican progressive [Marxist] minded media whores refuse to hold Negros accountable for their behavior as if they were all two years old.

"There there little Negros you're too pathetic to hold accountable for anything--because you are Negro and some of your ancestors were enslaved--there there good boys".

This damn fool who calls himself king shamir zulu shabazz a very ignorant and DUMB Negro [interesting how it is usually dumb American Negros who give themselves such outlandish nick names in a vain attempt to make themselves important--in such they discredit themselves.] 
repeatedly professes his hatred for white people, also said that they [Negros] need to murder white children, "you're gonna have to kill some crackers." 

[And not a word in opposition from the progressive [Marxist] media whores.]

As if that will make everything better for Negros; gets a pass like he did when he stood out in front of a polling place in Philadelphia trying to intimidate white voters in 2008--gets a pass directly on the latter from the Attorney General Eric Holder--who is also a Marxist [communist] and racist. 

Apparently the DUMB shamir zulu shabazz doesn't realize that there are dark drown crackers too. 

But when the white Mel Gibson rants about Jews--the progressive [Marxist] media whores play it over and over--and then whine about how terrible Mel Gibson is.

If a white man [like Mel Gibson] had openly said in public that Negro children should be murdered--the progressive [Marxist] media whores would have called for him to be brought up on hate crimes charges--and of course he would have been investigated--but not for a Negro

Margaret Sanger the progressive [Marxist] genocidal eugenicist realized that in order to get her hatred of Negros over on the Negro and the non Negro American people--she would need to enlist the aid of Negro leaders who were DUMB enough to go along with her genocidal plans--and with them the other DUMB Negros would blindly follow along to their own self destruction--and that she did and ever since the lives of the American Negro has become progressively worse. 

Progressivism [Marxism] has resulted in the [planned] destruction of the Negro family, the destruction of the Negro community and the destruction of the Negro economy. The dismal plight of the inner cities is a direct result of progressivism [Marxism]. 

Margaret Sanger [a hero of Hillary Clinton] hated Negros so much she wanted to exterminate them all--Margaret Sanger devised the evil scheme to murder unborn children--primarily Negro children--interesting how the Negro population has the highest abortion rate of all; interesting--but not surprising--since Negros have been active participants in their own self destruction from Sanger's day until Obama's. 

Margaret Sanger knew how to go about the destruction of Negros--by enlisting the very Negros themselves to engage in their own [self] mass extermination!
Barack Obama also a progressive communist and genocidal eugenicist who is so intent on the destruction of unborn Negro children--its not enough for him to unconstitutionally use tax payer dollars to fund and promote the genocidal mass murder of Negros here in the USA--but he is funding genocidal mass murder around the world--primarily Africa and elsewhere where Negros reside!

Barack Obama did not come to unite the races--he came to divide the races in America--Barack Obama did not come to make things better in any way in America or for the American people--he came to destroy everything which has made this country the greatest nation in the history of the world--and this is exactly what he and his ilk are doing with the help of the paternalistic, progressive, [Marxist] communist American media whores.

The media who refuses for the most part to hold Negros accountable for their behavior--regardless of how criminal it is--are doing exactly the same thing with Barack Hussein Obama--they are treating him as if he were a two year old, "There there little Barack we know you are trying your best, good boy"--never mind that he is destroying everything he touches!  

How pathetic it is, the American Negro have fallen right in line with the progressive [communist] agenda--the very agenda which is full of hatred, vitriol and genocidal mass murder for them--the Negro. 

The progressive [Marxist] agenda has deliberately destroyed the Negro family--has deliberately dumbed them and nearly everyone else down so they don't know where they came from as a nation, and so they won't know when they are being lied to. 

American Negros are not suffering today because of what happened during the American slave era--nor are they deserving of any special treatment or reparations; the American Negro is suffering because of their embracement of genocidal hate filled progressivism [Marxism]--their plight is mostly of their own making! 

The sad state that The United States of America is in today--is by design--a direct result of the progressive [Marxist] communist agenda! 

The immoral and foolish dumbed down American people [who for the most do not resemble true Americans] keep voting for these progressive [Marxist] communist whores--the same whores who missapropriate tax dollars en mass, who promote genocidal mass murder as if it were a woman's constitutional right, who tax everything they can get their thieving hands on, who over regulate and destroy business.  

You ignorant immoral fools--you are getting exactly what you deserve--you have no reason to whine! How's that hope and change working out for you now? hmm? Sing it loud, all together now--the dear leader Barack Hussein Obama, mm mm mm...