Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Vice Presidential "Debate" And Negro Favoritism

First, this so called vice presidential debate--was not a debate. I have to wonder why Gwen Ifill was chosen as moderator... Was it the perennial favorite (she was chosen because she is a Negro) among certain politicians and media? In any case--she was a very poor choice--she stammered and in general came off as incompetent! I also wonder if the foolish and Un-American desire to promote Negros well beyond their aproximate 14% of the population and in most cases filling the positions with inferior Negros is a deliberate attempt to promote the notion of Negro inferiority to white people (and in some cases they are inferior, as are white people--because not everyone is equal)--in some cases this is definitely the reason such Negros are chosen--but in many others it is simple incompetence on the part of those who are foolish enough to promote this Un-American evil that does not to choose competent and talented Negros to fill positions. One type of promotion I would be in favor of (albeit not to the exclusion of white people--because that is Un-American and unjust) is choosing Negros who are truly representative of the best that race has to offer, i.e. Negro people who speak proper English, who are Christian, or Jewish and of the highest moral character. Unfortunately Negros, Jews or white people of high moral character are rarely seen in America anymore!