Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barack Obama The Stammering Senator

Its interesting how when Barack Obama is scripted and reading from a teleprompter he seems to be a good speaker; but when he isn't scripted and reading from a teleprompter he often stammers through what he has to say--especially when he is called on his record and upon his position on moral issues!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Speech

Hillary Clinton's speech last was more of her usual condescending dribble--and she never even once said that she believes Barack Obama is right for the office of the president; in fact Hillary Clinton has on numerous occasions stated that Barack Obama lacks the experience necessary to lead as president. Once again Hillary Clinton proves herself a political whore, she doesn't like Barack Obama or want him as president, but yet she is giving him some grudging support. What she should do is maintain her campaign position about Barack Obama and offer him no support, but instead she took the diminutive position.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barack Obama's Supposed Patriotism Part One

Barack Obama claims to be a patriot and whines when someone says he's not, Barack Obama is without a doubt a pathetic human being--Barack Obama is not an American patriot. A person cannot be an American patriot and believe that its alright to murder babies which have survived late term abortions. When Barack Obama was recently asked at what point does a baby have human rights he would not answer the question, so he said this "answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.” What a pathetic way to not answer the question, what pay grade? the knowledge of when a human being becomes a human being is not some esoteric thing that few can know, its knowledge which is open to all. Its so pathetic to devalue human life--but then again Barack Obama is a pathetic human being--and he is certainly not a Christian. Barack Obama spoke in the Illinois Senate in opposition to The Born Alive Infants Protection Act--and he was the only one to do so, in fact he has repeatedly worked to defeat it. What a depraved pathetic human being Barack Obama is--to want to destroy innocent human life! What's next on his evil slippery slope of immorality? how about all the unwanted elderly people in America, unwanted like many children, let's just murder them too, they're not wanted, they're not producing, we don't need them. And make no mistake, there are those in America who want to do just that and are advocating it! When society goes down the slippery slope of immorality--any type of immoral behavior becomes acceptable. And this is why America is in such a bad place now--because of people like Barack Obama, who do not even understand the simplicity of when human life begins--who do not even understand the simplicity of morality!

Monday, August 18, 2008

American Interference In Foreign Nations

Its interesting how American politicians find it necessary to interfere with the internal affairs of other nations, the latest American interference involves Russia's invasion of Georgia. And why would G.W. Bush and John McCain be so interested in the nation of Georgia? Once again its American fascism--American business has oil interests in Georgia so they have their political whores in Washington interfere, as they have so many times in the past! Georgia is Russia's sphere of influence. America would not stand for Russian interference in the Americas and has reacted violently and with the immanent threat of violence to past Russian interference. Looking at Americas history and its interference in the internal affairs of foreign nations, it is easy to see a pattern going back to the mid 1800's, July 8, 1853 to be exact, when American business wanted to open the Japanese market, but the Japanese were isolationist which was their right as a sovereign nation--but to the country founded upon freedom of choice and democratic ideals that didn't matter, because the American politician had become a whore of big business. And because of that interference Japan rose as a major military power and invaded other nations and murdered tens of millions of civilians and cost the lives of many Americans to put them down. Americas unnecessary interference in Vietnam cost the lives of over 50,000 Americans; and why? because big business wanted to open up the Vietnamese market, of course the reason given was "to stop communism" and that was and is a good thing, but communism in Vietnam would not have affected America--America was only affected because of its incompetent, corrupt and fascist politicians who involved America in a unnecessary war there. That written few people know that right after the second world war, America began sending huge amounts of military equipment to Vietnam and Korea--why because the fascists already knew what their next objectives were and there was unnecessary war and unnecessary loss of American lives in both countries. As for the Vietnam situation, if American politicians would have supported Ho Chi Minh who thought highly of the American Constitution he would not have been open to Soviet and Chinese overtures. Interesting how even Hollywood was supporting the Vietnam war with movies like "The Green Berets", the propaganda in that movie went like this, America is here trying to help these poor people fight communism--when that wasn't it at all; those so called poor people were immoral and corrupt and would not stand up for themselves and their country, so when America left the SV forces collasped very quickly because 99.5% of the war effort was American. And now there is Iraq--(interesting how the Iraqis won't stand up for their country either) an unnecessary war which has cost the lives of over 4,000 Americans and after five years there is still no end in sight! America fought two countries during the second world war, Japan and Germany each with highly trained armies and put them both down in under four years. And now can't deal with poorly trained and equipped Iraqis and Iranians--very similar to what took place in Vietnam--and look where that ended. In neither case did America have a plan to actually win--but just to keep the war going indefinitely so big business could continue to profit. Like now in Iraq, there is Starbucks, Burger King and many others profiting. This is not the way to run a military or to prosecute a war. People don't need Starbucks and Burger King here in America or at war--what they and the American troops need is basic good food! I heard one fascist say "we are here to help the troops". And how is giving food that has been proven to be unhealthy being good to the troops? How is supporting an illegitimate war helping the troops? The troops are not there to feel like they're at home--but to fight and come home quickly! The truth is they are there to profit from the war--its all about how much money they can make--they should at least be honest! Fascist America once again is profiteering from the blood of American troops and from the blood of other nations--in this case Iraq! Also at least during much of the twenteth century American politicians have been foolish in trying to push Americanism off onto other nations; and it has not worked--Americanism works for Americans--other nations with their different cultures will never be like America or Americans and there is no good reason they should be! For the most part an isolationist policy is the best way for America with involvements in foreign affairs only happening when it cannot be avoided--and never, never to open markets for American business! And finally--the correct way to prosecute a war is to do as America did during the second world war, no undue restraint, no so called political correctness, no sending troops into battle without proper equipment and training. Many, many American soldiers have been unnecessarily maimed and many others killed because the evil G.W. Bush organization rushed to war and did not train and properly equip them. The war in Iraq could have and should have been completed within one year--but America's politicians are extremely ignorant, incompetent, corrupt, immoral and hell bent on total fascism. And why is this--because the American people are extremely ignorant, incompetent, corrupt and extremely immoral; let's not forget the American politician comes directly from the American people--so how can the American people expect their politicians to be any different than themselves? These are just some of Americas inappropriate involvements in other nations foreign affairs--there are many, many more examples. "History never repeats itself--but it does rhyme sometimes".

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton The Strong Woman--Not!

First I will digress a bit before I get to the point. The media did in fact screw over Hillary Clinton at many points and no doubt this is at least in part because she is a woman. And even more unfortunately many in the media believe they need to suck up to Negros and kiss their asses--so in fact they were not only being sexist--they were also being racist. The American media collectively decided that they would suck up to Barack Obama and his wife and they have firmly planted their lips on Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's asses. I hear a lot about Hillary Clinton being a strong woman, I have been watching her and listening to her over many years now and I have never seen anything which leads me to believe that Hillary Clinton is a strong woman, just the opposite--she is a weak woman. Oh she comes off as tough, with tough talk--but that's just empty words and an imminence front; when faced with a truly strong person--Hilary Clinton is diminutive. Of course she like her husband will bully those who will allow her to do so--but that does not make her strong. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly proven that she is very much the typical woman who has low self esteem. She has never come out from the shadow of her husband, in fact she still rides his coat tails and his popularity. Claiming vast political experience when in fact the vast political experience is that of her husband. Its basically women like Hillary Clinton who allow their husbands to repeatedly cheat on them with other women who have low self esteem and a lack of personal responsibility; for years Hillary Clinton has put up with this evil from her husband--with no end in sight. And now recently in "Unity" NH she stands up with Barack Obama like the dutiful and diminutive girlfriend supporting her man--what a pathetic political whore Hillary Clinton is. If she truly believed that she is the right woman for the Office of the president and Barack Obama is not--then she would never stand up with Barack Obama in support of him. But Hillary Clinton the political whore she is--is proving herself yet again to be the typical American politician--business as usual, if I can't win then I'll support anyone else in my party who can win. Hilary Clinton like Barack Obama is the typical American sell out to the lobbyists politician. As I have previously written--it should never be about the party--but always about the right person(s)! In fact party politics in America are almost completely corrupt with both parties voting the same on most of the major issues; with both parties bending over backwards to destroy this nation.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack Obama And High Gasoline Prices!

Isn't it wonderful that Barack Obama didn't and doesn't mind the high price of gasoline in America, but only that the price rose too fast? The Barack Obama campaign has taken over $400,000 dollars from big oil, is it any wonder he is pandering to them? Barack Obama is the typical corrupt American sellout to the lobbyists politician. And he the consummate fascist/globalist claims to want to help the economy and make things better for Americans; but that's not realistic with high gasoline prices, high fuel prices drag down the economy across the board and affect everyone negatively! Once again Barack Obama proves himself to be out of touch with the American people and what it means to be a "free" American. Another good reason to vote NObama!

Friday, August 1, 2008

How To Vote Properly

On this I am certain--most Americans don't know how to vote properly. They make the foolish mistake of depending upon the mainstream media and not doing the necessary research themselves. For the most part they refuse to vote for competent and highly moral individuals who have integrity! In addition most Americans are superficial--little unimportant things about a candidate will either influence them to vote for or against. e.g. He/she seems like a nice person, they look nice, they are a man, they are a woman, they are Negro, they are Mexican, they are Asian et cetera--all these things are completely irrelevant. And then there are the fools who will only vote along party specific lines, as if only candidates from that party have the answers and no one else from any other party could ever do a good job; even though party politics have caused so many problems--both the Democratic and Republican party members have proven for the most part to be incompetent and corrupt and in general hell bent on destroying The United States of America. Party politics in America has degenerated into a gang of whores selling their services to the highest bidders, usually without any regard for the American people. The focus needs to move away from party politics and the responsibility for this begins with the voter--the focus should always be upon the individual and what they stand for! And if this foolishness weren't enough--many Americans won't vote for someone who they want if they don't think that person can win; so they foolishly choose someone they don't want because they think they can or will win--its this foolishness and the others outlined herein that are the major problems among voting Americans. People need to always take the time to find out what the candidate truly stands for and to look at their voting record if they have held political office and to take a very close look at what kind of people they truly are. And not to depend upon the mainstream media to educate them about candidates--because they never do through exposes about candidates--they just gloss over some of the high points. People who vote should always vote for who they truly want and believe would do the right things for America; and if there is no one running for office who the voter believes in--they shouldn't be foolish and irresponsible and vote for someone anyway! Sometimes the best way to vote is not to vote--wise and responsible Americans will understand this and act accordingly! Being a good and proper American voter requires responsibility and personal integrity--these are things that are sorely lacking in American society today.