Saturday, September 19, 2009

Barack Obama--Liar Liar!

I think I'll stop using part numbers for these particular posts--because Barack Obama lies SO much--even more than G.W. Bush--wow that was a lot! Barack Obama promised he would do away with earmarks--he lied there are thousands in the so called stimulus bill, i.e. the porkulus bill. Barack Obama promised he would post new bills online for at least five days before signing, for the perusal of the American people--he lied he doesn't post them at least five days before signing; because he doesn't want to American people to know what UnAmerican things he has hidden in the bills. Barack Obama promised transparency in government--he lied now there is less transparency in Washington D.C., district of criminals, than at any other time in American history. Barack Obama promised that the American people would be able to buy into the same health care insurance that congress has--he lied he has no intention of providing this kind of coverage. You lie Barack Obama, Barack Obama Liar Liar!