Friday, December 23, 2011

Newt Gingrich--The Facts!

Newt Gingrich is a Marxist, is not a genuine Christian, but rather a Godless Catholic who masquerades as a right wing conservative--Newt Gingrich is one of the most dangerous enemies of liberty in The United States of America today.

Here's a brief and factual history of Newt Gingrich:

Newt Gingrich received a B.A. in history from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 1965, he received an M.A. in 1968 and then a PhD in modern European history from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1971. 

In 1968 he campaigned for Nelson Rockefeller [Nelson Rockefeller a Marxist globalist]. 

Newt Gingrich formerly a college professor, historian, and author. Twice ran unsuccessfully for the House before winning a seat in the election of November 1978. He was re-elected ten times [Speaks volumes about the people of Georgia!] and his activism as a member of the House's Republican minority eventually propelled him to House Minority Whip in 1989.

In 1990 Newt Gingrich became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. [The CFR is an evil Marxist organization working to undermine American sovereignty.] [See the Marxist Richard N. Gardner's April 1974 article in CFR's World Affairs, Gardner called for an end run around national sovereignty eroding it piece by piece. [This is what the state and federal governments are doing.] The CFR was founded in 1921 to promote world government and to eliminate national sovereignty. 

Henry Kissinger is also a CFR member and Marxist--mentored Newt Gingrich. Both Newt Gingrich and Henry Kissinger claim they're conservatives.

"Marxists usually claim to be exactly opposite of what and who they truly are".

Newt Gingrich became an Alvin Toffler devotee when he was an assistant history professor at West Georgia College in the early and mid 1970s--he also attended an Alvin Toffler seminar in Chicago.

When Newt Gingrich was elected House speaker by the incoming Republican conference, 1994--Alvin and Heidy Toffler were standing by his side as he gave a one-hour acceptance speech. In his first week as speaker, Newt Gingrich set about promoting Alvin and Heidy Tofflers Marxism around Washington D.C., he introduced them at a technology conference and gave a speech entitled “From Virtuality to Reality.” Newt Gingrich soon announced that all legislation passed by the new Congress would have to pass a test: Will it help move America into the Tofflers Marxist vision of a “Third Wave”? or not. [Legislation is supposed to be based upon The United States Constitution--not upon the Communist Manifesto!] And this is the man many ignorant fools want as President?

Newt Gingrich was elected congressman from Georgia in 1978--in 1979 he voted:

1., YEA to the creation of the Department of Education, which is unconstitutional (William Z. Foster called for a federal Department of Education in his book, "Towards Soviet America.") Curricula were to be cleansed of religious, patriotic and other features of the 'bourgeois' ideology. Students were to be taught basis of Marxist dialectical materialism, inter nationalism and general ethics of the new Socialist Society.  

And this is what the Department of Education has accomplished--American schools were once the best in the world and now they are among the worst.

2., YEA to designating 68 million acres as Federal protected wilderness. The Unites Constitution doesn't call for any land control--but the communist manifesto calls for all abolition of private property and land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. Federal Land grabs today are huge percentages of the 13 western states that are now federally owned.

The Communist Manifesto:

1., Land controls

2., Progressive Income Tax

3., Termination of Inheritance

4., Central Bank which is the Federal Reserve

5., Control of Education

In 1994 Newt Gingrich voted:

1., YEA to the National Endowment for the Arts

2., YEA for 1.2 billion for UN peacekeeping

3., YEA for the presidential line item veto

4., YEA for 13 billion in foreign aid

5., YEA for 166 million more for the IRS

6., Led congress into GATT with fellow CFR member and Marxist Bill Clinton and then stated that it was a very big transfer of power. It was, because it overrode Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution. GATT also reduces the amount of money American's can save for pensions. 

When speaking with Bill Clinton in NH--Newt Gingrich admitted he was a big fan of FDR and Woodrow Wilson--two Marxist presidents. FDR's Marxist economic policies significantly lengthened and otherwise made far worse the great depression. Woodrow Wilson unconstitutionally imposed upon American's both the federal reserve and the 16th amendment--which is the federal income tax.

Newt Gingrich also voted:

1., China as Most Favored Nation for trade

2., Voted to supply funds to subsidize trade with the Soviets.

3., Voted to transfer 2.2 million acres in Idaho to Wilderness status.

4., Voted for federal funding loan guarantees for greater trade with Red China.

5., Voted for taxpayer funds being available to foreign governments through export/import banks.

6., Is pro amnesty "We are not going to deport 11 million immigrants."

7., Is pro foreign aid. In 1995 he voted for 31.8 billion in foreign aid, but wouldn't vote to cut foreign aid by 1%. He also backed a strong central government, strong environmental laws, national service programs, the United Nations Goals 2000 (which many Republicans voted for), federal financing of local police, and UN peacekeeping missions for our military.

8., Newt Gingrich is pro-Obamacare and even advocated socialized medicine in the 1990's on Meet the Press.

9., Newt Gingrich made a Global Warming television advertisement with Nancy Pelosi [who herself is a Marxist]; he lied when he said it was a mistake to make the advertisement with the Marxist Nancy Pelosi--his record shows him to believe in using the Marxist red herring of man made global warming/climate change--to promote international Marxism

Newt Gingrich's record clearly shows him to be a long time Marxist pseudo environmentalist.

10., Newt Gingrich is pro-Gun Control--anti second amendment and as such--anti human rights and pro crime. He voted "yea" on Public Law 101-216 in 1989 (an update to the General and Complete Disarmament Law, Public Law 87-297) you will find that Newt Gingrich voted in favor of section 2 of this disarmament bill which reads:
"(2) as defined in this Act, the terms 'arms control' and 'disarmament' mean 'the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement to establish an effective system of international control.

American's should not trust a man who professes to be so concerned with our second amendment rights, our national security and right to have armed forces--who also votes to give them away to the United Nations.  

Newt Gingrich is a Marxist globalist!

Newt Gingrich and The Third Wave

Alvin Toffler's beliefs are solidly based in communism--but disguised thoroughly in pseudo conservative speak and combined with a little capitalism. 

In 1994 Newt Gingrich presented a list of eight books he wanted everyone to read--the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler printed by the Marxist new age "Progress and Freedom Foundation". Alvin Toffler is Newt Gingrich's mentor--we shall see what Toffler espouses in The Third Wave. 


Newt Gingrich never mentioned reading the constitution and for good reason--he like all Marxists [communists] wants to permanently eliminate it.

Alvin Toffler believes mankind is entering a new system. He wrote about the American founding fathers, "For the system of government you fashioned including the very principles on which you based it is increasingly obsolete and hence increasingly if inadvertently oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented, a democracy for the 21st century. For this wisdom above all I thank Mr. Jefferson who helped create the system that served us so well for so long and that now must in its turn die and be replaced." 

"Marxism teaches that personal liberty and prosperity are oppression--when in reality it is Marxism which oppresses, impoverishes and murders people."

Newt Gingrich, who swore an oath ten times to uphold and defend the constitution--urges with his mentor Alvin Toffler--the very death of the American Constitutional system. Newt Gingrich wrote the forward to Alvin Toffler's book, "Creating a New Civilization." [Destroying liberty and prosperity.]

Doubtless The Third Way/Wave will seem new and innocuous to many-- but its founders include Plato who wrote "The Republic", Karl Marx who wrote "The Communist Manifesto" and Adolf Hitler's "NAZI" National Socialism [Marxism].

Plato didn't call his revolutionary plan for tyranny and oppression--tyranny and oppression; but rather he disguised every item of revolutionary change in more innocuous terms like, "justice", or "the heavenly ideal", or "the pursuit of the good", or "the love of truth". Alvin Toffler believed in and practiced double speak [lies] just as the politicians on both the left and right do today. Alvin Toffler believed so much in his double speak that he convinced ignorant readers they were reading a Judeo-Christian appeal to virtue. Virtue he taught--is whatever sustains or brings about the ideal city. [i.e., the state]--[which for Alvin Toffler is full blown communism.]

The So Called But Not "Virtuous Aims" of Plato's Third Wave

1., Private property must be abolished, the wealthy hated and their wealth redistributed by state mandate.

2., Children belong to, and are born to serve the state. The influence of parents is noxious and disruptive to the interest of the state, thus every child should be raised in government nurseries, without knowledge of who his or her parents are and without the parents having knowledge of who their offspring are. Every child becomes the common property of every parent in the city. Every parent has the collective duty to watch over them. (The Marxist Hillary Clinton's--"It takes a Village.")

3., Private education, like traditional parenting, is at the very headwaters of falsehood and social strife. It must be eliminated and replaced with a closely monitored state school system.

4., Old values passed down in history, song, children's books [and primarily Biblical values] all need to be rewritten to discredit and erase the old virtues and to exalt and enthrone the new.

5., Frivolous children's games eliminated, new games developed that emphasize law and order. [Hitler's Germany.]

6., Private industry is self serving. State should have absolute control of all industry for benefit of the whole.

7., Class mobility is a revolutionary idea that threatens the stability of the state and the pre-eminence of true philosophy. A strict caste system and the elimination of career choice is the answer.

8., Talent must never be allowed to wander or be wasted. Early on, children must be identified and channeled by the state for the benefit of the state into careers selected by the state.

9., Under the guise of equality, women ought to be exploited: first to foment 'class war' during the Third Wave (women's roles are reversed to men's); next, to be promptly put into their place as part of a 'community of women' to be shared collectively by male guardians.

10., Selective breeding is beneficial to the state. [Hitler's Germany.]

11., Unwanted babies, inferior babies, deformed babies and the adult handicapped are an unnecessary drag on the prosperity and well-being of society. They should be left to die. Unproductive adults, likewise, should be terminated. (Genocidal abortion and Obamacare.)

12., Homosexuality is morally acceptable and homosexual rape of lower-class males and boys is a right of rulers, guardians and war heroes. This is exactly what we see in the history of the Catholic church, of which Newt Gingrich is a member, and we are also seeing this in American society now. [This was also very prevalent in Plato's Greece!]

13., Only a few men are foreordained to understand life and higher good...the rest are equivalent of dumb sheep.

14., Absolute loyalty to the government is vital for the success and safety of society. A state sanctioned KGB-like network is an essential good. ["The Catholic church in the middle ages developed the forerunner of Soviet style oppression and thought control; in fact they are the model by which Marxist governments have patterned their oppression".]

15., Wealth is not essential to the safety of the state.

16., Virtue rejects trouble making democracy (pure or direct democracy) as an end, yet shrewdly identifies it as the quickest, surest route to promoting the communist view of equality of ends.

There are more, but these are the ultimate goals, the communist goals, of Plato's Third Wave/Third Way. Karl Marx took much from Plato's The Republic, from Hegel's Godless dialectic view of history, from Aristotle's quantum leap view of evolution and from Plato's cynical conception that the source of all law, morality, and religion is simply the strong and the rich erecting protectionist walls around their property and power.

Hitler's German national Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) was another Third Wave setting. Hitler was a bit more advanced in the newer beliefs of the Third Wave. Hitler taught that the masses were dumb and needed a leader, they couldn't self-rule. Fascism embraces much of Plato and Marx but utilizes different, and sometimes superior methods of control--while at the same time it indoctrinates citizens to believe the lie--they have a safe amount of freedom.

Just like their talk about decentralization and democracy, Third Way proponents today talk of "national service", e.g.,  Gingrich and Obama, et al, "Compassionate Conservatism" from the Marxist globalist G.W. Bush, et al, Faith-Based subsidies, and moral effective partnerships, i.e., fascism, with funding for conversion. (Most American politicians, R & D.)

Newt Gingrich openly calls himself a futurist--Marxists like Newt Gingrich--believe in engineering and forcing the outcome they want--their end game being feudal communism.

As speaker of the house Newt Gingrich revealed to Congress that he began working with the Tofflers in the early 1970s on a concept called anticipatory democracy. He says, "For twenty years we have worked to develop a future conscious politics and popular understanding that would make it easier for America to make the transition from the Second Wave civilization (constitutional America)--which is clearly dying--to the emerging but in many ways undefined Third Wave civilization". (Alvin Toffler's Centrist Utopia.)

The United States of America is dying and is almost completely destroyed as founded; because of what the Marxists have been doing for over one hundred years--little by little--two steps forward one step backward... Because the pathetic American people for the most have allowed the Marxists the freedom to impose their Marxist tyranny!  

Americans are surrounded in both the Democrat and Republican parties--with Marxists [communists]; both are adept at hiding the truth about their Marxist doctrines in euphemistic language. Some like Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi are more bold in their rhetoric. At least ninety nine percent of the Democrat party hierarchy is Marxist [communist] in their political ideology; at least ninety percent of the GOP hierarchy and most GOP candidates believe in much of what Alvin Toffler's Marxist Third Wave represents for this country--this makes them Marxists [communists].

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

David Axelrod On Newt Gingrich's Butt

The self hating UnAmerican Jewish Marxist David Axelrod said in reference to Newt Gingrich, "The higher a monkey climbs a pole the more of his butt you can see".

Perhaps David Axelrod has a homoerotic fascination with Newt Gingrich's butt?