Thursday, August 4, 2011


Basically everything the Marxist media [Obama's ministry of propaganda] said about the debt ceiling and the Republicans was a lie--there was never going to be a default, the military was going to be paid, Social Security was going to be paid--et cetera. There is no shortage of revenue at approximately two hundred billion dollars a month--but there is a Marxist pork based spending problem. This latest debt limit increase of over two point four trillion dollars with no spending cuts of any significance and huge tax increases--has in no way helped The United States of America--but rather has and will continually make things exponentially worse; the economy will continue to contract--there has been no expansion in the economy since Obamanomics--Obama's economic and environmental policies will not allow any expansion--and this is all by Marxist design. Barack Hussein Obama owns the American economy, Obama owns the depression [not a recession], Obama owns the national debt, Obama owns the lost jobs, Obama owns the high inflation, Obama owns the housing market, Obama owns tax increases, Obama owns the wars--et cetera. Barack Hussein Obama came to bring ruination upon The United States of America and he is succeeding. Shame on all the foolish and pathetic Americans who voted for the communist Barack Hussein Obama! How's this "hope and change" working out for you now? Hmm?