Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Military And The First Amendment

Regarding General Mcchrystal and others who would speak up about the president, there is a belief even amongst some so called conservatives, et alia,  that military personnel, in particular high ranking personnel do not have the right to the First Amendment--this belief of course is wrong. Any citizen of The United States of America including high ranking military personnel--has the right to criticize the president--when the president is acting contrary to The United States Constitution--which Barack Hussein Obama has blatantly done from the beginning and is blatantly doing on a daily basis! As for The Rolling Stone interview with General Mcchrystal--General Mcchrystal never said anything against de facto president Obama! Its interesting how the communist minded media whores--the very whores who made it possible for Barack Hussein Obama to be unconstitutionally elected--were so happy and extolled those military personnel who spoke up about G.W. Bush--and now when military personnel [presumably General Mcchrystal] speak up about Barack Hussein Obama--they are aghast and want him to resign or to be fired. It would be good for the communist minded media whores to actually read the articles before they comment upon them! These media whores still cover for Barack Hussein Obama and refuse to hold him accountable for his actions--even though he has lied about getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and has deliberately made a mess out of nearly everything he has done as the de facto president. How's that hope and change working out for you whores now? hmm?  mm mm mm...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

They Believed Barack Obama And Nancy Pelosi...

On June 8, 2010 in Washington D.C. AKA District of Criminals... Hecklers threw things at Nancy Pelosi, at the progressive America's Future Now conference--a code pink whore yelled where's are money? you promised! You fools--all of you who believed Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's progressive [communist] lies of giving you lazy thieving whores the wealth! Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and their progressive ilk--do not care about you in the slightest--they use you to promote themselves and their political agenda! People of The United States of America--its time for you to wise up--progressives, communists and other leftists are liars--they have to lie because their political and social ideology is a complete failure, wherever it has been tried including America--it has always been a resounding failure; those on the left are largely devoid of truth--because the truth exposes the complete failure of their beliefs--this is why they rage against those true conservatives who tell the truth about them and their evil beliefs! And finally for those progressive surfs who want something for doing nothing--wise up big progressive government is not your friend--they do not care for you, they do not love you--they are your biggest enemy--big progressive government is for the most part what is wrong in America today--,e.g., just look at the plight of major and medium sized urban centers in America--run by big bloated, entitlement minded, rights restricting, progressive government--they are a bankrupt mess full of murder and other crime, e.g., Chicago!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lying Whining Media Whores

It is the lying deliberately malfeasant American press who are largely responsible for getting Barack Hussein Obama [mm, mm, mm] elected. Building up Barack Obama as being some sort of super human, super hero, a new kind of politician, the most wonderful human being who ever walked the face of the Earth, like Jesus [what blasphemy], can't do anything wrong, highly intelligent, very capable, good personality, perfect speaker--the man who has a biography so powerful he can solve every problem by his mere presence and a speech. All of this of course was a complete and total fabrication promoted by the lying media whores--Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro--was and is none of these things; and this blog writer knew it before he was elected by approximately 52% of the very ignorant and very foolish voting American people. As I previously knew and wrote--many of the press would turn against him--and why shouldn't they after dehumanizing him? after all Barack Obama is none of the things the lying media made him out to be--duh! I previously wrote that Barack Obama was really nothing new in a politician--in fact he was very ordinary--the typical lying, thieving, incompetent progressive American politician! But in this way Barack Obama was different--he being a secular humanist and communist would be far more radical than any other president--and would work to destroy The United States of America. To know the truth one such as myself needed to only look at Barack Obama's voting record, to read his speeches, read his books and look at his associations! Of course the corrupt American media did all they could to cover up the facts of who Barack Hussein Obama truly was. The truth is Barack Obama has often been promoted because he is half Negro--and also promoted to the office of the president--because he is half Negro! The history of such promotions has shown--promoting people because of race rarely promotes a good and competent person--it mostly promotes incompetent and corrupt people. This why there is so much incompetence in American government from the top to the bottom--people are rarely promoted because of their competence, e.g., one case of tens of thousands of such cases, the progressive whores in Hartford, CT who would not promote competent police--because they were not Negro--this type of thing is a disgrace--people should only and always be promoted because they are the best, the most intelligent--the most competent--and never because of race, gender, or anything else. As for the whining press, i.e., Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan, et alia who are now unhappy with the Barack Obama monster they created--its time you wised up, secular humanists and communists like yourselves cannot be trusted; Barack Obama is not your friend, he is not a friend to anyone--Barack Obama, is an extreme narcissist, a liar, a cheat, deliberately malfeasant, deliberately working to wreak this country in the Saul Alinsky and in The Franklin school model and he is incompetent with no managerial experience! How's that hope and change working out for you media whores now--hmm? mm, mm, mm Its time the American media did the right things and worked to get Barack Hussein Obama voted out of office in 2012 and work to undermine everything he and his commissars want to do and are doing to Americans and this country!