Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barack Obama And Tax Day

Barack Obama has repeatedly said he believes rich people should be paying much more in taxes. Barack Obama is a rich man, a millionaire in fact, he paid approximately 27% [all legal] in taxes this year--the average top rate is approximately 35%--if he is truly serious [and he is with other peoples money] then he would be paying at least the 35% tax rate--in fact if he were not completely disingenuous on this issue he would be paying the top tax rate and then making a sizable donation [at least a 45% tax rate] to the government through the IRS. But he is not honest--Barack Obama is the consumate communist ruler--they believe they and their buddies in the communist ruling class are entitled to keep their wealth, e.g., General Electric--but everyone else is not--everyone else must pay and pay and pay, i.e., everyone else has to be stolen from by the government. Barack Obama being the typical communist political ruler he is--is a liar, a thief and a mass murderer! As for the 53% < > of the voting American people--you were all a pathetic disgrace for voting for this evil man; as for those who still support Barack Obama--you are UnAmerican disgusting whores--and you deserve the evil and ruin which Barack Obama is bringing upon you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama Said What?

APRIL 19, 2011 Barack Obama said, "I want to host the breakfast for a simple reason, because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up during this season, eh, we are reminded that there is something about the resurrection, something about the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ that puts everything else into perspective". And what would that be Mr. de facto president? Barack Obama is a lying whore--this fool lies much more than G.W. Bush ever did--Barack Obama is not a Christian--he was just pandering for votes, as he is back on the campaign trail! The measure of a true Christian is not a person who constantly lies, steals, cheats, obfuscates, disregards the law of the land, i.e., The United States Constitution, redistributes wealth, i.e., steals and promotes the genocidal mass murder of abortion, et cetera. [1 John 1:6] There is just something about Barack Hussein Obama--the insane mass murderer in chief--and that something would be--he is a narcissistic, Godless, Marxist whore! All together now and sing it loud, Barack Hussein Obama mm mm mm...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Richard Goldstone's Murderous Libel!

Judge Richard Goldstone a self hating Jew, Israel hater and anti Semite, has recently admitted at least some of the inaccuracies in "The Goldstone report" in a Washington Post Op-Ed, April 1, 2011--but he accepts no responsibility for those deliberate libelous inaccuracies against Israel. Richard Goldstone is now blaming Israel for the inaccuracies in his anti Israel report from September 15, 2009--because they wouldn't cooperate with the anti Semitic commission; when in reality Richard Goldstone deliberately presented his report which was intentionally libelous against Israel and in support of the Arab Nazi-Islamofascist murderers--his report was noting but Arab Nazi-Islamofascist anti Israel, anti Semitic, hate propaganda. His report was never intended to be an honest accounting of the facts in Gaza and of Israel's military engagement against the Arab terrorists--it was from the beginning intended to slander Israel and Jews--Richard Goldstone knew from the beginning he was lying and presenting Nazi-Islamofascist Arab libelous anti Semitic propaganda. The report violated international standards for inquires, including UN rules on fact finding--and favored the testomony of the Nazi-Islamofascist Arab terrorists themselves--Richard Goldstone now admits he never intended on following international standards. Richard Goldstone was encouraged to take on the Human Rights Commission [also with a history of anti Israel Bias] investigation--by Kenneth Roth another anti Israel self hating Jew and disgraced leader of Human Rights Watch. This of course is not news to this blog writer--I knew it from the beginning. Richard Goldstone travels around the world speaking at law schools promoting hatred against Israel and the Jews; Richard Goldstone is one of many Jews in thousands of years of Jewish history who were self hating Jews and were very much willing to do everything in their power to destroy the nation of Israel and their fellow Jews.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Muslim Lies Against Israel And Jews

The Lies


Jews have lived continuously in the land of Israel for over 3000 years; the Arabs arrived through multiple invasions, beginning in the 7th Century AD. In the year 70 AD, when the Jewish civilization was already over 1000 years old, the Romans forced most of the Jews of Judea and Samaria (now the West Bank) into exile. By the end of the 19th Century, the majority population of Jerusalem was Jewish.


The Koran does not mention Jerusalem because Mohammed never set foot in the city. Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies in 636 after the death of Mohammed. Muslim jihadists claim that the Koran mentions “The Furthest Mosque” — Al-Aqsa in Arabic – and that this is a Koranic reference to Jerusalem. This is a lie. The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem had not been built when the Koran was written, so the reference is to some other (or any other) “furthest mosque.” In contrast, Jerusalem is and has always been a holy city to Jews. The daily prayers of the Jews are focused on Jerusalem. The Hebrew Bible mentions Zion and Jerusalem a total of 809 times.


This lie is one of many designed to steal the history of the Jews in order to justify erasing them from the Middle East. When the Palestinian Authority was established in 1994, it immediately began a campaign to delegitimize Israel by rewriting history with the intention of denying Israel’s right to exist. Among its false claims is that the remains of the Temple of Solomon – the Western Wall – are in fact the remnants of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Al-Aqsa Mosque was deliberately built on top of the Temple after the Muslim conquest to humiliate the conquered. This is the same imperialistic tradition that prompts jihadists today to build a mosque at Ground Zero, the site of the 9/11 attack.


This is a genocidal claim made by the Muslim Students Association and other pro-Arab groups. It is genocidal because it obliterates the Jewish state. If Israel is actually “Occupied Palestine” then there is no legitimate Jewish state in the Middle East.

In fact, there never was an Arab state called “Palestine” and no one even claimed there was until well after the United Nations created Israel in 1948.  The land on which Israel was created by the U.N. was also used by the colonial powers to create Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan. It was land that had belonged to Turkey for 400 years. The Turks are not “Palestinians” and are not even Arabs.

There never was an Arab country called “Palestine” or inhabited by “Palestinians.” Before the creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1964, which was sixteen years after the birth of Israel, no Arab political entity was called by that name.


“Apartheid” refers to the system created by South Africans in which “non-white” residents of that nation were denied citizenship and basic civil rights, and were forced to live in separate residential areas with segregated and inferior educational and medical services. Those wishing to demonize and destroy Israel now falsely call it “an Apartheid state.” But the only true Apartheid states in the Middle East are Islamic states in which Jews are not allowed to live and where Christians, Baha’is and other religious minorities are objects of discrimination and persecution.

There are 1.4 million Arabs living in Israel with civil rights that are the envy of the Arab world.  Israeli Arabs vote in Israel’s elections, have representatives in the Israeli Parliament, sit on Israeli courts and on the Israeli Supreme Court, and serve as tenured professors teaching in Israeli colleges and universities. The Arab citizens of Israel have more rights, and enjoy more freedom, education, and economic opportunity than the inhabitants of any Arab or Muslim state.


The Arabs rejected peace and a state on the West Bank first in 1948 when it was offered to them by the U.N. and then in 2000 when it was offered by Presidents Clinton and Barak. In 1949, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which the U.N. had designated as a homeland for the Arabs, were annexed respectively by Jordan and Egypt. When the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was formed in 1964 its covenant made no mention of liberating the West Bank or Gaza from Jordan and Egypt. The PLO leadership stated that its goal was to “push the Jews into the sea.” Today the “liberation” of Palestine “from the river to the sea” is still the goal of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA). The war in the Middle East is about the desire of the Arabs and Muslims to destroy Israel; it is not about the desire for a Palestinian state.


The Arabs generally and the “Palestinians” specifically were supporters of Hitler in the 1930s. The father of Palestinian nationalism, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was a devoted Nazi who spent the war in Berlin and worked with members of the Third Reich to plan death camps for the Jews of the Middle East. Today he is revered by the Palestinians as the George Washington of their cause. The Muslim Brotherhood translated Mein Kampf into Arabic in the 1930s and called for the destruction of the Jewish state at its birth. Today Arab leaders call for the destruction of the Jewish state and routinely deny that the Holocaust with which their forbears collaborated actually took place.


This is two lies in one. The West Bank fence is a fence, not a wall. About 97% of the fence is made of chain-link material. The remaining 3% is concrete, designed to repel sniper fire in particular areas. The fence was built in 2003 in response to thousands of suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinian terrorists, sponsored and armed by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The fence was built to keep out terrorists, not Arabs.

In the years since the construction of the fence, terrorist attacks have declined by more than 90%. The fence is Israel’s legitimate defense against a ruthless and amoral terrorist aggressor.


The Palestinians claim there are 5 million Palestinian refugees who fled Israel during the 1948 war. This is false. There were only 500,000 Arab refugees from the 1948 war – an unprovoked war that Egypt and four other Arab states had launched against the newly created state of Israel. In the aftermath of the war, 500,000 Jewish refugees were driven out of the Arab states in the Middle East. There are no Jewish refugees today, sixty years later, because Israel resettled them. Why are there still Arab refugees? The Arabs have been given billions of dollars by Israel and the United States to relocate their refugees. But the Arabs are still in refugee camps. While Israel resettled Jewish refugees, no Arab country would take in the “Palestinians” who were forced into camps and were kept there by the Arab regimes to stir up hatred against the Jews. The refugee “issue” has been created by the Arab regimes as a weapon in their war against the Jews.


This is the Big Lie, coming as it does from Palestinians who have made terrorist attacks on civilians a weapon of choice, and who make martyrs and national heroes out of suicide bombers.

The Gaza strip was a base for 7,000 rocket attacks against schoolyards and townships in Israel before the Israelis responded in 2007. During Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza rocket sites there was one civilian death for every 30 terrorists. By contrast, a 2001 study by the International Committee of the Red Cross found that the civilian-to-military death ratio in wars fought since the middle of the 20th Century has been 10:1 – ten civilian deaths for every soldier death. In other words, the Israelis protect civilians at a rate 300 times greater than any other national army. As Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz observes, “No army in history has ever had a better ratio of combatants to civilians killed in a comparable setting.”