Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barack Obama Came To Bring Ruination

The Marxist Barack Hussein Obama is following in the footsteps of his Marxist predecessors all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt and beyond.

Barack Hussein Obama's publicly stated political and cultural goals were to bring permanent ruination upon The United States of America--and he has in large measure achieved his satanic goals.

Two steps forward, one step backward…

The American people have themselves to blame for this terrible state of the nation, for the destruction of The United States of America; the American republic is gone forever–and it will become much worse for the American people under increased and probable total communist oppression!

Nazism is a type of [Marxism] communism–a strange and perverted combination of left and right political ideology, whereas Soviet Marxism is all from the left.

The American nation is now very much like NAZI Germany 1936.

*TEAR*... My great nation is all but completely destroyed!