Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandra Fluke Political Pawn And Whore!

The Marxist misogynist Nancy Pelosi had the Marxist [feminist] whore Sandra Fluke testify before a misogynist democrat only congress about her sexuality. 

This because Barack Obama is trailing in the polls with women. So they harken back to their old playbook standard--"accuse the Republicans of being misogynists--and warring against women". 

When in reality the policies of the Marxist democrat party clearly show it is the Marxist democrats themselves who are the misogynists and who are warring against women--Marxist democrats commonly use women as whores literally and figuratively for their own personal pleasure and for their own evil Marxist agenda. 

No one who thought highly of women could or would promote genocidal murder of females en masse under the guise of a woman's so called "right" to abortion, i.e., murder--the current figure being twenty to twenty five million females exterminated by the Marxist democrat party. 

Mainstream medical studies have clearly shown that women who have abortions are at increased risk for numerous diseases, one such disease is breast cancer and an increased risk for psychological problems thereafter. 

The Marxist democrat party and their Marxist stooges in the media are whining about Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut and whore. And where were the Marxist democrats and their Marxist stooges in the media when Bill Maher repeatedly called Sarah Palin a cunt? they were in agreement so they said nothing, this they did in support knowing they couldn't honestly profess agreement. The Marxist democrat party and their Marxist stooges in the so called "mainstream" media are disingenuous--and their actions have shown this to be true.

 When Republicans do something its bad--but when a democrat does the exact same thing--its either not so bad, or good. 

If Sandra Fluke is telling the truth and not lying as Marxist democrats are wont to do--then she is indeed a slut and a whore--even if she is lying she is still a whore as she has whored herself to democrat Marxism and has allowed herself to be used as a whore by the Marxist democrat party!  

The reality about Sandra Fluke is--she isn't in shortage of oral contraceptives--they are readily available for no charge to women! 

This is about forcing Georgetown University to hand out contraceptives to students--and Sandra Fluke has admitted it was her desire from the beginning to change Georgetown's policy on contraception. 

Sandra Fluke does not represent the women of America nor does she represent the majority of women at Georgetown University--she represents a very small dysfunctional Marxist fringe element--as most American women including those at Georgetown University--are not whores as she and those of her ilk are. 

[Its interesting how those who support the Marxist democrat party and their UnAmerican policies--how they do not realize that when they get what they want--the Marxists in power will limit what women can and cannot do with their bodies, they will limit how many children they can have and will force abortions when they do not comply--just like the Marxists do in China!] 

Sandra Fluke makes women out to be weak, immoral and so pathetic they cannot take care of themselves without help from the men in the government--so much for women's liberation. The dirty secret is there is no women's liberation under Marxist democrat policies--but rather women's dependence, repression and oppression! This for the most is not about contraceptives--contraception is a Marxist democrat code word for unrestricted abortion. Sandra Fluke's testimony was a testimony of Marxist democrat lies and distortions of the truth.

Neither Sandra Fluke nor any other woman or man has the "right" to have others pay for their sexual behavior; it is the individual and they alone who are wholly responsible for their sexual behavior and all of their other behaviors and the consequences and expense thereof!

The thirty year old Sandra Fluke comes off as an ignorant, immature and foolish woman of age--not at all like a thirty plus year old woman should be.

Rush Limbaugh has apologized to Sandra Fluke saying his use of the words whore and slut were inappropriate and by using them he descended to the level of the left.

Rush Limbaugh was wrong to apologize--he did not descend to the level of the left.

From a Biblical perspective--it is proper to refer to people like those in the Marxist left [and Marxist right] and Sandra Fluke as whores! The word whore does not necessarily refer to a prostitute or even to a person who is sexually immoral--it commonly refers to those who engage in excessive behaviors and in immorality. The following are examples of people who are whores with no sexual connotation--drunks would be whores because they use alcohol in access. People who are obese because they are gluttonous food whores, people who whore themselves to Godless religions, e.g., Marxism, Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

The term whore is a very accurate and Biblical description which is very fitting for the freaks who are members of the Marxist left [and Marxist right]. Sandra Fluke and her sponsor Nancy Pelosi--are most assuredly Marxist whores--hell bent on destroying the American nation.

Anyone who believes it is the responsibility of the American people to pay for her, or any other woman or man to have contraceptives including abortion[s] is in fact and in deed a whore and a thief.

It is the responsibility of each adult individual to pay their own way--and those capable people who live on the public dole are whores and thieves--which at present appears to be approximately forty percent plus of the American people .

Each American is entitled to what they and they alone can earn for themselves--they are not honestly entitled to live on the backs of the tax paying American citizen--and anyone who thinks or believes and acts otherwise is a thieving whore!

And those Americans [democrat or Republican] who do not speak honestly about the Marxist democrats and Republicans--which is nearly all of the Democrat party and most of the Republican party[at least 90%]--are being very UnAmerican and are playing into the evil machinations of the Marxists who always act to belittle and ridicule those who tell the truth.

The truth is there are a great many people both male and female who due to their sexual immorality are whores [not prostitutes] and many others who are otherwise immoral who are also whores; and this in large measure is due to the immoralizing of the American people by the Marxists over the last one hundred plus years. 

The American people did not go from being a very moral people--to mostly being the very immoral people they are today on their own--they were manipulated, dumbed down in government schools and universities and by media--and this was done by those who were and are Marxists and Marxist dupes.

As a result the American people are in large measure whores and that's why they continually elect Marxist whores to political office, e.g., Barack Obama, G.W. Bush before him and before him Bill Clinton and lesser but significant political whores like Nancy Pelosi--political whores who are commonly bought and paid for by the political and big business lobby.

Sandra Fluke--is not a cause celebre--but rather she is a willing political pawn, opportunist and public figure cynically being used by the Marxist democrat party in a vain attempt to distract the American people away from the reality of Barack Obama's runinous de facto presidency.

And there will be much more of this Marxist Saul Alinsky style rhetoric and nonsense in 2012--because their de facto president can't run on his ruinous record!

Addendum: I would post a photo of Sandra Fluke--but I find her to be so unappealing with her boy short hair--even more so than Anthony Dickhead Weiner--I will not subject myself or my readers to a nauseating photo of her.