Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harry Reid And American Negro Speak

Harry Reid the Senator from Nevada said about Barack Obama in 2008 [the first half Negro President], "light skinned" and "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." I have to correct the Senator, the way most American Negros speak is not a Negro dialect--its a human dialect, an accent not exclusive to Negros, to be very accurate its a sociolect, there are many white people who also speak with the exact same accent. Its very telling that of all the one billion plus Negros in the world--its only American Negros who speak with such an accent; American Negros speak with such ignorantly poor English because they are self insulated from mainstream America with the help of progressive politicians whom they [mostly] very consistently vote for--and always to their detriment. Its a pleasure to hear Negros from Britain and France speak the English language--its a pleasure to hear the English language correctly spoken. Negros should not be offended by Harry Reids comment--they should be offended by their own ignorance and of the fact that most American Negros cannot speak correct English and that they have done this to themselves with the help of so called progressive politicians--its not offensive for anyone to point these facts out! And finally Harry Reid the UnAmerican Senator from Nevada is a disgrace, he has gone against his constituents and against the American people in attempting to push his and Nancy Pelosi's communist style health care upon the American people--all his lies, his corrupt behind closed doors dirty dealing to force communism upon the American people have not gone unnoticed by his constituents and the American people.