Monday, February 27, 2012

Mitt Romney's "Severe" Conservatism

When Mitt Romney recently stated he was a "severe" conservative--he made a Freudian slip--in Mitt Romney's twisted Marxist thinking conservatism is severe!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Iranian Ayatollah Kill All Jews!

 A damn fool Iranian ayatollah {Ayatollah Ali Khamenei} has said, "kill all Jews--annihilate Israel". This evil comes straight from Satan in the form of Godless Satanic Islam.

The Jews will never again be removed from their land--those who come to annihilate Israel will themselves be annihilated!

Amos 9:15 {KJV} And I will plant them [Jews] upon their land [Israel], and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the LORD thy God.

Obadiah 1:15 {KJV} For the day of the LORD [is] near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done [to Israel], it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.

Those who want to oppress and murder Jews--also want to oppress and murder genuine Christians; this is readily seen in a study of human history--readily seen in a study of Godless Catholicism--readily seen in a study of Godless Islam!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Called But Not Conventional Wisdom

What is commonly known in the media and in political circles as conventional wisdom--is not in general wisdom--but rather conventional knowledge--as it is neither conventional nor wise.

The American media and political structure--is full of corruption and all manner of evil--and these are the fools who profess themselves to be the most wise, the best and the brightest--those who know better than anyone else.

This would be laughable--if it weren't so pathetic and terrible--to the deliberate destruction of the American people and nation!

Romans 1:22 KJV--Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools...