Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barack Obama's Supposed Patriotism Part One

Barack Obama claims to be a patriot and whines when someone says he's not, Barack Obama is without a doubt a pathetic human being--Barack Obama is not an American patriot. A person cannot be an American patriot and believe that its alright to murder babies which have survived late term abortions. When Barack Obama was recently asked at what point does a baby have human rights he would not answer the question, so he said this "answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.” What a pathetic way to not answer the question, what pay grade? the knowledge of when a human being becomes a human being is not some esoteric thing that few can know, its knowledge which is open to all. Its so pathetic to devalue human life--but then again Barack Obama is a pathetic human being--and he is certainly not a Christian. Barack Obama spoke in the Illinois Senate in opposition to The Born Alive Infants Protection Act--and he was the only one to do so, in fact he has repeatedly worked to defeat it. What a depraved pathetic human being Barack Obama is--to want to destroy innocent human life! What's next on his evil slippery slope of immorality? how about all the unwanted elderly people in America, unwanted like many children, let's just murder them too, they're not wanted, they're not producing, we don't need them. And make no mistake, there are those in America who want to do just that and are advocating it! When society goes down the slippery slope of immorality--any type of immoral behavior becomes acceptable. And this is why America is in such a bad place now--because of people like Barack Obama, who do not even understand the simplicity of when human life begins--who do not even understand the simplicity of morality!