Monday, August 31, 2009

People of Color

Its ridiculously pathetic how mainly American Negros refer to themselves and others who are not white as "people of color" another vain and pathetic attempt to separate themselves from mainstream conservative American culture. Yes, it hasn't for the most part been white Americans who have segregated Negros from mainstream conservative America--it has been Negros themselves who have done it to their own selves and people--and at the same time audaciously blaming it upon "whitey"! From my study of color I learned what Negros would know if they weren't so uneducated--that white is in fact a color comprised of equal portions of the three primary colors, red, blue and green--in fact all of the millions of colors in the color spectrum are comprised of the three primary colors. Truly "people of color" refers to all human beings--and should never be used to segregate Negro people--or any people at any time--duh! And for the ignorant fools who would bemoan racist when they read this--wise up--this is about ending foolish racism!