Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michelle Obama Is For Gun Control

 Michelle Obama--is a major force behind Barack Obama's evil UnAmerican agenda!


Video credit--The National Rifle Association.                                                                         

Joe Biden Admits--Gun Control Will Not Work!

Finally Joe Biden speaks the truth...

"Nothing we are going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring uh uh gun deaths down to a thousand a year from uh what it is now."

And here is the video...

These laws are not about preventing deaths--they are about a Marxist government at the local, state and federal levels--wanting total control over the sovereign citizens!

There are many gun laws already on the books and all crimes with guns are already illegal and have been for the better part of a hundred years; some federal lawmakers have already admitted the new laws being proposed would not have stopped the Sandy Hook incident; and every new gun law they are proposing addresses things which are not criminal--they are an infringement on things which are legal--these laws attack innocent people--not the criminals.

The so called but not "Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994--did not reduce crime--and crimes rates did not rise when the ban ended in 2004--and since 2004, millions of so called but not assault weapons, e.g., the AR-15 and AK-47 have been sold and are owned by Americans.

The CDC did a study of magazine size restrictions and other gun control laws and found--they could not find any evidence that gun control laws reduced crime.

Gun control laws designed to disarm the law abiding populace--typically do not stop crime--but rather they do promote all forms of violent crime!

December 15, 1791 

As part of the Bill of Rights:
 'The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'