Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swedish Nazi Islamo Fascism

The ignorant and foolish Swedish people/politicians have allowed Muslim immigrants to flood into their country and now these Muslim Fascists are influencing the media. In an Aftonbladt article “Our [Arab] sons' organs being plundered" by Donald Bostrom (Swedens largest newspaper) August 18 2009, Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt said that Israeli soldiers took the organs of dead Arabs (so called but not Palestians) and sold them. Where do these Nazi lies come from? the Arabs in Israel--and of course the foolish and immoral Carl Bildt took their lies as fact without any corroborating evidence. And make no mistake of it--this is not only one Swedish politician but others and not only of Arabs in Israel influence--but also of the Muslim influence in Sweden. The cultural affairs editor responsible is a woman, Asa Linderborg an anti Israel activist. Ms. Linderborg the anti semite should use her newspaper to build up Sweden--but instead she uses it to destroy Sweden and Israel. Jewish soldiers in Israel have never murdered Arabs and then taken organs from the bodies; this is the sort of thing which regularly occurs in China with Chinese prisoners, perpetrated by the godless Chinese Communists.