Saturday, November 17, 2012

General Petraeus "All In" Paula Broadwell

 General Petraeus is not a man of honor and integrity, nor was he a good general as has been spun in parts of the media--but rather he is a whorish adulterer who cheated on his wife and children and also on his whores husband and children--he deserves the title betraeus.

As for Paula Broadwell--this woman should never have been given any access to sensitive data. Paula Broadwell is not a trained author, among other reasons she probably devised this book scheme to get the generals erect penis "all in" her; Paula Broadwell is a whore and an adulterer--she has cheated on her husband and children and the generals wife and children.

Women like Paula Broadwell make whores out of themselves--because, among other reasons they have very low self esteem and are very insecure--this fits Paula Broadwell perfectly.

As for the whores who have been vainly attempting to defend the whore Paula Broadwell--there is no defense for Paula Broadwell's immoral behavior--nor is there any defense for the whore General Petraeus's immoral behavior.