Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chuck Schummer, America and Israel

First let's define what a true friendship relationship is, its when two or more people love each other as God loves them--a good example is David and Jonathan! Its not when a person offers support and blessing of another with one hand and with the other a slap across the face. Blessing with one hand and a slap across the face with the other--is Chuck Schummer the very UnAmerican senator from NY, the man who wants to flood our country with immigrants , the man who wants to deprive every American citizen of their God given right to bear arms to protect themselves from violent crime, the man who along with his progressive comrades has wreaked havoc in American society with greatly increased taxes, burdomsome regulation and crime, the man who claims to be a great supporter of Israel, is now whining to Barack Hussein Obama about his treatment of Israel and of BO's promotion of Arab [Islamic] terror against Israel. What's wrong with this picture? Senator Chuck Schummer has consistently promoted Barack Hussein Obama and his evil, immoral, unconstitutional policies--Chuck Schummer is NO friend of Israel, his Jewishness notwithstanding; it was very clear to this blog writter well before Barack Obama was elected by less than 53% of the voting American people--the very foolish and unwise American people, that Barack Hussein Obama was in fact an anti Semite, Barack Hussein Obama has no love for Israel or for the Jewish people; this includes the self hating Jews who Barack Obama has gathered around himself before the election and now, it was very clear that Barack Obama was a promoter of Islam and of Arabs against Israel, it was very clear that Barack Hussein Obama was a communist, a secular humanist, a historical revisionist and a moral relativist! All of these very relevant things about Barack Hussein Obama notwithstanding the communist media's deliberate obfuscation of the facts of Barack Hussein Obama and of who he truly was and is were on the record and very easy for all to see--FOR THOSE WHO ACTUALLY TOOK THE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN THE TRUTH! Chuck Schummer cannot say he didn't know--if he didn't know everything its because he didn't want to know the truth--which is very typical of Chuck Schummer a man who has spent many years lying to the American people--and doing his best to screw the American people over--to screw them out of their God given rights, to screw them out of their constitutional rights and out of their money. Chuck Schummer is NO friend of the American people, of Jews anywhere or of Israel--no one who is a supporter of progressive politics here in America or in Israel can be a true friend of the Jewish people or of Israel! Barack Hussein Obama and Chuck Schummer will continue to screw over the American people and Israel until the American people wise up and vote them and their ilk out of office!