Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Michelle Obama's Big Fat Butt

Those who are well educated realize that the progressive/Marxists want to control everything and everyone, they want to meddle in everyone's lives; well educated people also realize that progressive/Marxists are hypocrites; they want nearly everyone else to live under big progressive/Marxist government repression--while at the same time excluding themselves from much of this big progressive/Marxist government repression. Interesting how Michelle Obama, the de facto first woman, [she's no lady] has been and is still going around the country harping about diet and being overweight [meddling in what is none of her's or Barack's business]--and now Michelle Obama appears to have gained at least twenty pounds on her thighs and mostly on her now rather BIG-FAT-BUTT! Michelle Obama--hypocrite at large.


Friday, October 15, 2010

911 And The American People

Its been said and believed by numerous people in the United States of America--that the American people woke up and came together to change the nation for better after the events of September 11, 2001--I didn't believe it at the time--and its still not true. My thought at the time was that at best some of the American people were briefly roused from their slumber and then most of them proceeded to go right back to sleep. If the American people truly did wake up and come together for the good of our nation--then they would have never voted into office for a second term the progressive and very UnAmerican G.W. Bush--and they would have never voted into office the Muslim progressive Barack Hussein Obama! The reality is the American people have corrupted themselves and as a result they are so utterly immoral, ignorant and pathetic--they know not at what they stumble. {Proverbs 4:19} All the mess today in The United States of America--is all a result of the whorish and corrupt American people including the majority of the Christian American people--these people will not turn things around ever--and they are preventing those good Americans who are trying to turn things around from achieving their goal. Many of the foundational principles of The American nation were Biblical in nature--the American nation cannot stand apart from these foundational principles--ergo the American nation can only be saved through God himself! While it is true that there are outside forces who are conspiring to destroy The United States of America--it is the American people themselves, some knowingly, i.e., the so called mainstream {Marxist} media, et al, and many unknowingly, who are the major force of evil working to destroy this great nation! For those true Americans who are working for the good of the nation--we will slow down the progression of the destruction of The United States of America--but we will not stop it. This is a worthy endeavor--I encourage all like minded and hearted Americans to continue on--because in this pursuit lives will be saved both physically and eternally!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Brief Note On Meg Whitman

I find it interesting that the communist minded Media is SO against Meg Whitman--this is interesting in that Meg Whitman is a progressive [communist] whore, much like they are. Meg Whitman is in favor of Soviet style communism in the form of cap and trade. Meg Whitman is strongly anti second amendment--even though she claims to be a "strong supporter". Meg Whitman is in favor of publicly funded abortions, i.e., genocidal mass murder, "My view is that if we are going to be pro-choice... that it needs to be available to all women, and whether you are rich or poor, you need to be able to access that right. And it's unfair to women who can not afford an abortion, and that's why I support public funding."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Brief Note On Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie is being lauded as a conservative--too bad he is not! Chris Christie's partial fiscal conservatism does not make him a conservative. I say partial in part because he is not going far enough in cutting the fat and he is using sixty five billion dollars of the states "cap and trade" scheme [Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative] to balance the budget. Chris Christie said of 2011, "Next year, we plan on getting back to RGGI." Carbon is not a poison--its a scam--"cap and trade" is Soviet style communism! Chris Christie is no conservative--no true conservative would be a supporter of "cap and trade"--if he were a conservative he would be doing away with the state's "cap and trade" scheme to steal tax dollars away from the NJ state residents. Chris Christie also supports the progressives [communists] Mike Castle and Meg Whitman. Chris Christie is also like the above two communists he supports, no true supporter of the second amendment--Chris Christie is a progressive communist whore.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter To Hillary Clinton

Its important to realize when thinking about Hillary Clinton, she and her husband Bill Clinton are essentially carbon copies of each other in regard to their political ideology--so much I think of them as Billary Clinton. Hillary Clinton recently committed to the The United Nations "small arms treaty", this is what the treaty will do: Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding citizens cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally. CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course). BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons. Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION. This so called treaty is of course completely unconstitutional--United States citizens cannot allow this to be ratified by the United States Senate! This is a brief letter I sent to Billary Clinton--if she ever read it or this blog she would have a knot in her panties for sure, ahahaha. "Supporting the UN "small arms treaty" is not going to get you elected for president--you will never be the president--there will be no third or fourth term of the Bill Clinton presidency!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mexican police have been illegally patrolling the streets of Port Richmond, NY on Staten Island. Port Richmond has a large population of illegal [criminal] Mexicans--and among those many are violent criminals. The Mexican police are supposedly patrolling in response to so called bias attacks/hate crimes--and who are those who are against these criminal Mexicans--mostly Negros and Asians--in short these Americans do not want these Mexican criminals in their city. The Mexican government and their corrupt police forces--have absolutely no jurisdiction anywhere in The United States of America. As for the progressive communists, the United States Constitution means nothing but a hindrance to there goal of completely destroying The United States of America. Mayor Bloomberg and the other progressive [communist] politicos in NY and in Washington D.C. and their stooges in the police force[s]--will continue to disregard the constitution whenever it suits them--because the American people of New York and of The United States of America are allowing them to do so. Foreign police forces are not needed within The United of America. These Mexican police on Staten Island, are a test to see how the American people will respond to foreign police on American soil. The American government including state governments--have mostly been taken over by communists [progressives] and are pushing communism, globalism and the complete loss of soverignity and the destruction of The United States of America. Foreign police in American cities and other places including rural locals will become common place [also foreign military]--unless the American people stand up for the constitution and themselves--I do not see the American people standing up against this in an effective manner!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Minorities And Marxism

The progressive Marxist notion which asserts that because certain groups of people are less in numbers in relation to certain other groups [whites in America]--means they are entitled to extra privileges, extra protections and being coddled and treated like children--is illogical and wholly without merit. This evil and very UnAmerican notion is usually presented as a red herring and or a straw man argument[s]--its real goal is to advance cultural [progressive] Marxism--which is communism by pitting one group against another. And the very people--the so called "oppressed minority" are the ones hurting the most from these Marxist [progressive] policies--but not just them the entire nation is being deliberately hurt and destroyed by Cultural Marxism--as that was the plan from the very beginning--"two steps forward, one step back". And this is where we are today with ninety one percent plus of the American nation as the founders established it now gone; the rest is soon to follow--because of a corrupt, ingorant and very pathetic American people--who are allowing approximately twenty percent of the population to force UnAmerican Marxist progressive change upon everyone else.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progressives And Islam

Governor Christie 8-16-10, "We cannot paint all of Islam with that brush [terrorism] we can't paint all of Islam with the Mohammad Atta brush, we have to bring people together, and what offends me the most about all of this is that its being used as a political football by both parties, I'm not getting into it because I would be guilty of the same thing that candidates and Republicans and the president is now guilty of playing politics with this issue, I'm simply not going to do it." And yet he did! Governor Christie  those of his ilk and most Americans, even most Muslims worldwide shows a profound lack of understanding of Islam. The reality is that Islam itself has painted itself with the terrorism brush--while it is true that not all Muslims are wanting terrorism--Islam does indeed want terrorism--if Governor Christie would have read a direct Arab to English translation of the Koran--then he would know this! Islam is all about terrorism--terrorism, hate, murder, domination, subjugation, repression, political fascism, against Christians, against Jews, against Israel, against America and what America stands for and abuse of women is what Islam is all about! Christians, Americans--do not need dialog with Muslims--we Christians, we Americans need to shut the Islamists down and out--permanently! Islamists do not have a constitutional right to speak and preach the hatred and sedition of Islam--they do not have the constitutional right to build mosques--the building of mosques and the preaching of Islam is sedition! The history of Islam is that those who do not stand firmly against Islam are taken over by Islam--don't believe that? then go look at the true history of Islam.
Progressives like G.W. Bush, Michael Bloomberg, Grover Norquist, Nancy pelosi, et alia are trying to make all of Islam out to be peaceful; they are in favor of the near ground zero mosque--because its part of the communist way of bringing down The United States of America--they do not love America--they do not love Americans--they hate America and Americans. And Barack Hussein Obama supports this mosque--because he is a Muslim--not just a sympathizer--but a true Muslim.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Michelle Obama~Entitlement Minded Whore

Sheyrl Atkinson CBS news, Michelle Obama in Spain with forty people including a makeup artist and hair stylist, occupying sixty rooms in a posh hotel, three hundred to six thousand dollars a night, one hundred forty six thousand dollars for the flight alone, ninety five thousand dollars for security. And Barack Obama [while his wife was on her overly lavish trip] was telling the American people "we" all need to cut back and sacrifice--of course Barack Obama and wife do not cut back and sacrifice--they live like French royalty on the backs of the American people--both black and white alike. With the narcissistic Barack Obama--there is no "we"--its always about him and what he wants--his hypocrisy knows no bounds. And you fools really thought the change was going to be for the good of the American people? what ignorant fools indeed! Of course there was a host of other media whores who attempted to cover for Michelle Obama, i.e., Cokie Roberts, et alia. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago [Communist] Sun Times cited a lying undisclosed source in a vain attempt to excuse Michelle Obama's hypocrisy and overly lavish Spain trip, [Ms. Sweet probably made the whole thing up!] the real reason for the trip was that one of Michelle's friends was in pain, she was really suffering and Michelle had promised to spend some time with her--and what was this so called emotional pain? her gynecologist's father had died--and because of this she had to spend time with Michelle--paid for by the American people. Even if any of this were true--its not the place of the American people to pay for it--this was not a state visit--it was an unneeded wasteful vacation at tax payers expense. The media whores when describing how bad Michelle Obama's bloated Spain trip looked--kept saying "the optics don't look good"--you pathetic media whores--always trying to make the Obama's look good--when they never can! Well since the in bed with the Obama's media whores brought it up--the optics of Michelle and Barack Obama--have never looked good--Michelle is one of the butt ugliest women to ever walk the face of the Earth, she bears a amazing resemblance to a dog, with some of the worst taste in fashion I have ever seen; and the ectomorphic Barack Obama--Dumbo ears and all is a very ugly man! Michelle and Barack Obama--are the epitome of arrogant entitlement minded progressive [communist] whores--who believe the American people--especially the white American people owe them a living, believe they owe them an ass kissing--they both are a disgrace and the American people owe them nothing--and they are entitled to nothing! How's that hope and change working for you now? Hmm? mm mm mm...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oliver Stone And The Jewish Media

The Jewish leftist Oliver Stone--says Jews control the media for the benefit of Israel; the truth is somewhat different than the anti Semitic leftist viewpoint. [Here we have another case of a self hating, God hating, USA hating Jew--Oliver Stone.] While it is true that there are many Jews in the American media and their Jewish conspirators in government do have a lot of control; they for the most part are not in support of Israel or of The United States of America--in fact they for the most part are extremely anti Israel, anti American--pro Arab--pro Muslim. The self hating, God hating Jewish media are big proponents of and go out of their way to push the homosexual agenda, to promote Muslim extremism and hatred of and toward Israel and hatred of and toward The United States of America and Christians. They are doing everything in their power to undermine The United States of America and everything which has made this nation the greatest nation in the history of the world. They are also doing everything in their power to undermine the legitimacy of Israel. Oliver Stone went on to defend Adolph Hitler, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and praised Hugo Chavez and Josef Stalin. Oliver Stone is a fool--he has gone whoring after leftist insanity! Any intelligent and honest person who takes an objective look at the American media coverage can readily see this reality.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progressive Paternalism Of Negros

Its interesting how the UnAmerican progressive [Marxist] minded media whores refuse to hold Negros accountable for their behavior as if they were all two years old.

"There there little Negros you're too pathetic to hold accountable for anything--because you are Negro and some of your ancestors were enslaved--there there good boys".

This damn fool who calls himself king shamir zulu shabazz a very ignorant and DUMB Negro [interesting how it is usually dumb American Negros who give themselves such outlandish nick names in a vain attempt to make themselves important--in such they discredit themselves.] 
repeatedly professes his hatred for white people, also said that they [Negros] need to murder white children, "you're gonna have to kill some crackers." 

[And not a word in opposition from the progressive [Marxist] media whores.]

As if that will make everything better for Negros; gets a pass like he did when he stood out in front of a polling place in Philadelphia trying to intimidate white voters in 2008--gets a pass directly on the latter from the Attorney General Eric Holder--who is also a Marxist [communist] and racist. 

Apparently the DUMB shamir zulu shabazz doesn't realize that there are dark drown crackers too. 

But when the white Mel Gibson rants about Jews--the progressive [Marxist] media whores play it over and over--and then whine about how terrible Mel Gibson is.

If a white man [like Mel Gibson] had openly said in public that Negro children should be murdered--the progressive [Marxist] media whores would have called for him to be brought up on hate crimes charges--and of course he would have been investigated--but not for a Negro

Margaret Sanger the progressive [Marxist] genocidal eugenicist realized that in order to get her hatred of Negros over on the Negro and the non Negro American people--she would need to enlist the aid of Negro leaders who were DUMB enough to go along with her genocidal plans--and with them the other DUMB Negros would blindly follow along to their own self destruction--and that she did and ever since the lives of the American Negro has become progressively worse. 

Progressivism [Marxism] has resulted in the [planned] destruction of the Negro family, the destruction of the Negro community and the destruction of the Negro economy. The dismal plight of the inner cities is a direct result of progressivism [Marxism]. 

Margaret Sanger [a hero of Hillary Clinton] hated Negros so much she wanted to exterminate them all--Margaret Sanger devised the evil scheme to murder unborn children--primarily Negro children--interesting how the Negro population has the highest abortion rate of all; interesting--but not surprising--since Negros have been active participants in their own self destruction from Sanger's day until Obama's. 

Margaret Sanger knew how to go about the destruction of Negros--by enlisting the very Negros themselves to engage in their own [self] mass extermination!
Barack Obama also a progressive communist and genocidal eugenicist who is so intent on the destruction of unborn Negro children--its not enough for him to unconstitutionally use tax payer dollars to fund and promote the genocidal mass murder of Negros here in the USA--but he is funding genocidal mass murder around the world--primarily Africa and elsewhere where Negros reside!

Barack Obama did not come to unite the races--he came to divide the races in America--Barack Obama did not come to make things better in any way in America or for the American people--he came to destroy everything which has made this country the greatest nation in the history of the world--and this is exactly what he and his ilk are doing with the help of the paternalistic, progressive, [Marxist] communist American media whores.

The media who refuses for the most part to hold Negros accountable for their behavior--regardless of how criminal it is--are doing exactly the same thing with Barack Hussein Obama--they are treating him as if he were a two year old, "There there little Barack we know you are trying your best, good boy"--never mind that he is destroying everything he touches!  

How pathetic it is, the American Negro have fallen right in line with the progressive [communist] agenda--the very agenda which is full of hatred, vitriol and genocidal mass murder for them--the Negro. 

The progressive [Marxist] agenda has deliberately destroyed the Negro family--has deliberately dumbed them and nearly everyone else down so they don't know where they came from as a nation, and so they won't know when they are being lied to. 

American Negros are not suffering today because of what happened during the American slave era--nor are they deserving of any special treatment or reparations; the American Negro is suffering because of their embracement of genocidal hate filled progressivism [Marxism]--their plight is mostly of their own making! 

The sad state that The United States of America is in today--is by design--a direct result of the progressive [Marxist] communist agenda! 

The immoral and foolish dumbed down American people [who for the most do not resemble true Americans] keep voting for these progressive [Marxist] communist whores--the same whores who missapropriate tax dollars en mass, who promote genocidal mass murder as if it were a woman's constitutional right, who tax everything they can get their thieving hands on, who over regulate and destroy business.  

You ignorant immoral fools--you are getting exactly what you deserve--you have no reason to whine! How's that hope and change working out for you now? hmm? Sing it loud, all together now--the dear leader Barack Hussein Obama, mm mm mm...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Military And The First Amendment

Regarding General Mcchrystal and others who would speak up about the president, there is a belief even amongst some so called conservatives, et alia,  that military personnel, in particular high ranking personnel do not have the right to the First Amendment--this belief of course is wrong. Any citizen of The United States of America including high ranking military personnel--has the right to criticize the president--when the president is acting contrary to The United States Constitution--which Barack Hussein Obama has blatantly done from the beginning and is blatantly doing on a daily basis! As for The Rolling Stone interview with General Mcchrystal--General Mcchrystal never said anything against de facto president Obama! Its interesting how the communist minded media whores--the very whores who made it possible for Barack Hussein Obama to be unconstitutionally elected--were so happy and extolled those military personnel who spoke up about G.W. Bush--and now when military personnel [presumably General Mcchrystal] speak up about Barack Hussein Obama--they are aghast and want him to resign or to be fired. It would be good for the communist minded media whores to actually read the articles before they comment upon them! These media whores still cover for Barack Hussein Obama and refuse to hold him accountable for his actions--even though he has lied about getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and has deliberately made a mess out of nearly everything he has done as the de facto president. How's that hope and change working out for you whores now? hmm?  mm mm mm...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

They Believed Barack Obama And Nancy Pelosi...

On June 8, 2010 in Washington D.C. AKA District of Criminals... Hecklers threw things at Nancy Pelosi, at the progressive America's Future Now conference--a code pink whore yelled where's are money? you promised! You fools--all of you who believed Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's progressive [communist] lies of giving you lazy thieving whores the wealth! Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and their progressive ilk--do not care about you in the slightest--they use you to promote themselves and their political agenda! People of The United States of America--its time for you to wise up--progressives, communists and other leftists are liars--they have to lie because their political and social ideology is a complete failure, wherever it has been tried including America--it has always been a resounding failure; those on the left are largely devoid of truth--because the truth exposes the complete failure of their beliefs--this is why they rage against those true conservatives who tell the truth about them and their evil beliefs! And finally for those progressive surfs who want something for doing nothing--wise up big progressive government is not your friend--they do not care for you, they do not love you--they are your biggest enemy--big progressive government is for the most part what is wrong in America today--,e.g., just look at the plight of major and medium sized urban centers in America--run by big bloated, entitlement minded, rights restricting, progressive government--they are a bankrupt mess full of murder and other crime, e.g., Chicago!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lying Whining Media Whores

It is the lying deliberately malfeasant American press who are largely responsible for getting Barack Hussein Obama [mm, mm, mm] elected. Building up Barack Obama as being some sort of super human, super hero, a new kind of politician, the most wonderful human being who ever walked the face of the Earth, like Jesus [what blasphemy], can't do anything wrong, highly intelligent, very capable, good personality, perfect speaker--the man who has a biography so powerful he can solve every problem by his mere presence and a speech. All of this of course was a complete and total fabrication promoted by the lying media whores--Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro--was and is none of these things; and this blog writer knew it before he was elected by approximately 52% of the very ignorant and very foolish voting American people. As I previously knew and wrote--many of the press would turn against him--and why shouldn't they after dehumanizing him? after all Barack Obama is none of the things the lying media made him out to be--duh! I previously wrote that Barack Obama was really nothing new in a politician--in fact he was very ordinary--the typical lying, thieving, incompetent progressive American politician! But in this way Barack Obama was different--he being a secular humanist and communist would be far more radical than any other president--and would work to destroy The United States of America. To know the truth one such as myself needed to only look at Barack Obama's voting record, to read his speeches, read his books and look at his associations! Of course the corrupt American media did all they could to cover up the facts of who Barack Hussein Obama truly was. The truth is Barack Obama has often been promoted because he is half Negro--and also promoted to the office of the president--because he is half Negro! The history of such promotions has shown--promoting people because of race rarely promotes a good and competent person--it mostly promotes incompetent and corrupt people. This why there is so much incompetence in American government from the top to the bottom--people are rarely promoted because of their competence, e.g., one case of tens of thousands of such cases, the progressive whores in Hartford, CT who would not promote competent police--because they were not Negro--this type of thing is a disgrace--people should only and always be promoted because they are the best, the most intelligent--the most competent--and never because of race, gender, or anything else. As for the whining press, i.e., Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan, et alia who are now unhappy with the Barack Obama monster they created--its time you wised up, secular humanists and communists like yourselves cannot be trusted; Barack Obama is not your friend, he is not a friend to anyone--Barack Obama, is an extreme narcissist, a liar, a cheat, deliberately malfeasant, deliberately working to wreak this country in the Saul Alinsky and in The Franklin school model and he is incompetent with no managerial experience! How's that hope and change working out for you media whores now--hmm? mm, mm, mm Its time the American media did the right things and worked to get Barack Hussein Obama voted out of office in 2012 and work to undermine everything he and his commissars want to do and are doing to Americans and this country!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Felipe Calderone--Obama Stooge!

On May 20, 2010 Barack Hussein Obama as the president of Mexico Phelipe Calderone said before a joint session of congress "You will notice that the violence in Mexico started to grow a couple of years before I took office in 2006, this coincides with the lifting of the assault weapons ban in 2004, I will ask congress to help us with respect and to understand how important it is for us that you enforce current laws to stem the supply of these weapons to criminals and consider reinstating the assault weapons ban." Then the democrat whores stood up and applauded like the UnAmerican fools they are. It would seem that Obama's speech writing conspirators wrote this speech for Calderone, Calderone was speaking the words of Barack Hussein Obama [mm mm mm]! Barack Hussein Obama as Phelipe Calderone of course is lying about the violence somehow being linked to the so called assault weapons ban being allowed to expire, the violence along the USA Mexican border was present years before 2004. Such guns [fully automatic--and fully legal in the USA] are in high demand here in The United States of America--and they are very expensive--Americans who own these guns are not selling or otherwise diverting these guns to Mexico. The federal government of The United States and of Mexico is well aware where the guns--these so called assault weapons the Mexican gangs are using are coming from and its not the United States in any significant numbers--the Mexican gangs are obtaining their guns from the very corrupt Mexican Army and from central and South America! This is just another attempt by Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk to completely undermine the second amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America--and to deprive American citizens of their God given human right and American civil right to protect themselves and others from violent crime!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chuck Schummer, America and Israel

First let's define what a true friendship relationship is, its when two or more people love each other as God loves them--a good example is David and Jonathan! Its not when a person offers support and blessing of another with one hand and with the other a slap across the face. Blessing with one hand and a slap across the face with the other--is Chuck Schummer the very UnAmerican senator from NY, the man who wants to flood our country with immigrants , the man who wants to deprive every American citizen of their God given right to bear arms to protect themselves from violent crime, the man who along with his progressive comrades has wreaked havoc in American society with greatly increased taxes, burdomsome regulation and crime, the man who claims to be a great supporter of Israel, is now whining to Barack Hussein Obama about his treatment of Israel and of BO's promotion of Arab [Islamic] terror against Israel. What's wrong with this picture? Senator Chuck Schummer has consistently promoted Barack Hussein Obama and his evil, immoral, unconstitutional policies--Chuck Schummer is NO friend of Israel, his Jewishness notwithstanding; it was very clear to this blog writter well before Barack Obama was elected by less than 53% of the voting American people--the very foolish and unwise American people, that Barack Hussein Obama was in fact an anti Semite, Barack Hussein Obama has no love for Israel or for the Jewish people; this includes the self hating Jews who Barack Obama has gathered around himself before the election and now, it was very clear that Barack Obama was a promoter of Islam and of Arabs against Israel, it was very clear that Barack Hussein Obama was a communist, a secular humanist, a historical revisionist and a moral relativist! All of these very relevant things about Barack Hussein Obama notwithstanding the communist media's deliberate obfuscation of the facts of Barack Hussein Obama and of who he truly was and is were on the record and very easy for all to see--FOR THOSE WHO ACTUALLY TOOK THE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN THE TRUTH! Chuck Schummer cannot say he didn't know--if he didn't know everything its because he didn't want to know the truth--which is very typical of Chuck Schummer a man who has spent many years lying to the American people--and doing his best to screw the American people over--to screw them out of their God given rights, to screw them out of their constitutional rights and out of their money. Chuck Schummer is NO friend of the American people, of Jews anywhere or of Israel--no one who is a supporter of progressive politics here in America or in Israel can be a true friend of the Jewish people or of Israel! Barack Hussein Obama and Chuck Schummer will continue to screw over the American people and Israel until the American people wise up and vote them and their ilk out of office!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hope And Change

It wasn't long ago that Barack Obama was laughing about the TEA = taxed enough already people--and saying they should be thanking him. And what dare I ask Mr. de facto president Obama should we the American people be thanking you for? Is it your increased federal government regulation? your out of control government spending? your multi trillion dollar debt? [a debt which can never be paid off] your deliberate wrecking of the American economy? your increased taxes on ALL Americans? your massive health care bill containing many things not relevant to health care? [but rather for the promotion of fascist communism--none of which the vast majority of the American people wanted] your deliberate undermining of The United States Constitution and taking away freedoms from the American people? your promotion of Islam? your promotion of genocidal abortion in The United States of America and abroad? your anti second amendment position? your hatred of the Jewish people and of Israel? your hatred of The United States of America and of the American people? your hatred of Christians and of traditional American values? your promotion of feminism? your bowing to foreign leaders and talking down The United States of America? your weakening of the American military? your weakening of American prestige among the nations? your sucking up to foreign leaders--to the detriment of American strength and of the American people? this list goes on and on and on... No, Mr. de facto president Obama--we the moral and thinking American people do not thank you for any of your evil policies and actions--and we are looking forward to the days when we can vote you and your evil progressive comrades out of office! This is the hope and change we the moral and thinking American people are looking forward to!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How To Get Out Of This Economic Mess

It seems like [most] everyone is talking about how we the American people can get out of this mess which Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen and henchwomen have deliberately created with the economy; its not going to happen--there will be no significant recovery, the economy will continue to get worse--because this is exactly what Barack Obama wants--and this will continue at least as long as the house and senate are controlled by the communist [democrat] party--even with the house and senate retaken by the republican party, Barack Obama can still wreak havoc--and wreak havoc he surely will--until he is voted out of office! The very people Barack Obama promised to help while campaigning--are being hurt even more by Barack Obama's policies--along with most everyone else! None of this should be a surprise to anyone, at least to those [such as myself] who took the personal responsibility to learn the truth about Barack Obama--before he was elected, by less than 53% of the very foolish and unwise voting American people; Barack Obama was very clear about what he intended to do to destroy this great nation--The United States of America! [Of course the leftists would label this as hate speech--simply because they do not want the truth being written and spoken--they do not like the light being shined upon their darkness.] How's that hope and change working out for you now--hmm?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michael Steele And The RNC

It seems that RNC donations are down at least in part because of Michael Steele the chairman of the RNC. Michael Steele--was put in place as chairman by an incompetent Republican leadership because he is a Negro--and because he is not conservative, the same RNC leadership who supported the leftist Dede Scozzafava. Michael Steele is no conservative--Michael Steele is incompetent! The leadership of the RNC is not conservative--as such no true American and conservative should support the RNC--but instead should support true American conservatives directly!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hillary Clinton And Israel

Hillary Clinton who claims to support Israel--is extremely anti Israel, said the Israeli announcement last Friday, 3-12-10 of new settlement construction in east Jerusalem "is insulting" to the United States. What is truly insulting is--Barack Obama and his hench men and women who are plotting against Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel--land which was given to the Jews by God. The Jews have thousands of years of history in the land of Israel--the Arabs have very little history. Great and significant Jewish history is in the land of Israel--this is not true of Arab history in Israel! Jerusalem has only been known as the capital of Jewish Israel--it has never been known as an Arab capital--the Arabs have no legitimate claim to Jerusalem--the Arabs have no legitimate claim to any of the land of Israel!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Debt Spending And Haiti!

I sit here and watch irresponsible senators live on CSPAN pushing a bill to give billions of dollars to the Haitian people. Billions of American dollars have already been wasted upon the Haitian people; it is not the responsibility of the American people to fix the problems of the Haitian people--nor can we--they must fix their own problems. These foolish senators do not seem to understand that spending money which is not available and increasing the debt is extremely harmful the the well being of the American people and to the security of the nation on many levels. Now an appropriately [small] amount of assistance could be given to help the Haitian people fix their own problems--but this would have to be strictly overseen by those who actually know what they are doing--this would benefit both the American people and the Haitian people! But such money could and should only be given when The United States has a balanced budget--the American people cannot take care of the rest of the world whether they live nearby as in the Caribbean or on the other side of the world--it simply is not are responsibility as a nation. Giving more money to Haiti at this time is not in any way good for the American people--The United States of America does not have any money to give--The United States of America is trillions of dollars in debt; and finally this debt money will not have the great beneficial effect these foolish senators think it will--it will mostly be wasted and will mostly not help the Haitian people!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Michelle Obama--Again!

Mick Huckabee recently did an interview with Michelle Obama--and the average and pathetically naive American who viewed this would think Michelle Obama is a nice and good person. What many viewers did not realize is that Michelle Obama was projecting an eminence front--what she projected was in large part fake!
There have been many people throughout human history who have acted nice and good--whose actions wreaked havoc in the human race; acting nice and good is not the same thing as actually being a good person! Michelle Obama is not a nice woman--she is not a good woman; Michelle Obama actively promotes homosexual perversion--even to small children in government schools--Michelle Obama actively promotes mass genocide, most of those being of her own race. Since when can such a person be thought of as being a nice and good person? Michelle Obama is an evil, vile woman of the lowest order! Unlike a lot of people who claim to be good and conservative--I will not treat evil as if it were good--I will not give people a pass because they put on a good looking and good sounding eminence front. Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! :23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Barack Obama Said...

On January 25, 2010 Barack Obama said in an interview with Diane Sawyer--"I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president." Barack Obama is the worst president in the history of The United States of America--Barack Obama is a one term president--worst and one! MM MM MM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Reasons Why Obama Was Elected

Barack Hussein Obama was elected for these two reasons only, First, most of the less than 53% of those who voted for him did so in utter ignorance of who Barack Hussein Obama truly was and of what he truly stood for. Second, Barack Hussein Obama was elected because of an immoral UnAmerican communist minded media who lied, distorted and and otherwise covered up the truth about Barack Hussein Obama and of what he truly stood for. If the so called mainstream media had done their jobs--this man caused disaster called Barack Hussein Obama would never have happened! How's that hope and change working out for you leftists now, hmm? mm mm mm

Monday, February 15, 2010

Comrad Hillary

Hillary Clinton may think she is blazing her way to the Presidency by "serving" as Secretary of State as did previous presidents, exempli gratia, Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, James Monroe and James Madison--but Hillary Clinton will never become the president of The United States of America. In addition to being a progressive whore, Hillary Clinton is not well liked--even among many of her progressive comrades. And most certainly not liked among true conservatives. Just look how quickly the progressive communists in the media threw her under the bus [as it were] and went on to kiss the ass of Barack Hussein Obama. MM MM MM

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Red Cross And Michelle Obama

Recently the Red Cross [whatever it once was is now a corrupt organization] has chosen Michelle Obama as their advocate for Haiti. What a poor choice--Michelle Obama an UnAmerican hate filled vile woman--a woman who promotes the undermining of the American Constitution and of the American way of life. Michelle Obama the promoter of sexual immorality and of mass genocide of the unborn and of those who are newly born here in the USA and in the rest of the world.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Retards And The New Single Letter Euphemism

Rahm Emanuel the immoral UnAmerican Jewish fascist last August called those in his own party f*cking retarded--he was right leftists are retards--they are intellectually and spiritually retarded. People who are retarded took offense to this and now the leftist ass kissing media are calling retarded the R word--how pathetic. As if retarded people have the right to not be offended--they do not. [Of course name calling, e.g., you retard, retardo, et cetera--is never a good thing!] By not saying the very appropriate word retarded--it does not change the fact there are retarded people nor will it change there unfortunate lot in life. The truth is only offensive to those who are foolish and or ignorant--or otherwise unable to reason in a logical manner. And to further kiss the asses of retarded people Rahm Emanuel is hosting a retard summit--and now the US government has launched a new campaign to hire even severely retarded people--in some cases individuals who are not fit to work in legitimate government work due to extreme physical and intellectual retardation. This blog writer is not taking the R word pledge--and never will. When foolish and ignorant people get offended by the truth--then so be it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama~The Failure In Chief!

I am glad Barack Hussein Obama and his UnAmerican communistic policies are failing--as I knew he and they surely would before he took office! And for all the ignorant fools who voted for B.O., how's that hope and change working out for you now? Hmm? mm mm mm...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will The Real "Ellie Light" Please Stand Up!

I am writing on this story not because Winston Stewart is relevant [he isn't]--because his attitude is indicative of very serious UnAmerican thinking and behavior on the left! Ellie Light aka Winston Stewart of Frazier Park, CA has been posting stories about the Communist Barack Obama [Kissing B.O.'s ass--W.S. must like the smell of sh*t!] in at least sixty eight newspapers across America. Among other things he wrote that Obama won by a land slide--I have to correct this--B.O. the stinker won by a narrow margin of less than four percent. Winston Stewart also blamed G.W. Bush for many of the problems which B.O. the stinking communist has created. Winston Stewart's wife Barbara Brooks has said that Stewart is afraid of those right wing crazies--I have to correct this foolish assumption--the vast majority of crazies are on the left with Winston Stewart. If Winston Stewart truly did not want to be found out he would have kept his mouth shut--the truth is he wanted to be known! Winston Stewart is an UnAmerican, ignorant, lying, immoral fool--very much like the majority of those who are on the left!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Thought On Haiti

The reason Haiti is a fourth world nation is because of two main reasons the Haitian people are basically Godless and because they have been ruled by communist dictators for decades. Its simple whenever a nation embraces the true God and capitalistic economic principles--that nation prospers! Neither the United States nor any other nation can fix Haiti--only the Haitian people with God's help can fix Haiti! Because of the incompetence of the non conservative G.W. Bush administration and now the communistic Obama administration--the United States is bankrupt--as such the United States shouldn't be giving any relief money to Haiti; but rather should be sending the military to establish and maintain order. This blog writer is aware of the extreme self imposed plight of the Haitian people--but the American people do not owe anything to the Haitian people--the Haitian people owe themselves. As for Haitian relief--that's for private charities to consider and consider they should.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Brief Thought About Harry Reid's Comment

Harry Reid said about Barack Obama during 2008, "light skinned" and "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." Now there are many foolish, ignorant and UnAmerican people calling for Reid's resignation. What Harry Reid said was all true--if Barack Hussein Obama was 100% Negro, very dark skinned [like his father was] and if he spoke poor English as many American Negros do--he would have never been elected. If people don't like to hear the truth--its their problem--they have no right to force their so called offense on anyone else. This is the United States of America--Americans have the right to free speech--Americans do not have the right to be unoffended by the exercise of free speech. Furthermore this statement by Reid was made in private--what people say amongst themselves privately--is private. And so what if a small number of fools are offended by the truth--that's their problem!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harry Reid And American Negro Speak

Harry Reid the Senator from Nevada said about Barack Obama in 2008 [the first half Negro President], "light skinned" and "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." I have to correct the Senator, the way most American Negros speak is not a Negro dialect--its a human dialect, an accent not exclusive to Negros, to be very accurate its a sociolect, there are many white people who also speak with the exact same accent. Its very telling that of all the one billion plus Negros in the world--its only American Negros who speak with such an accent; American Negros speak with such ignorantly poor English because they are self insulated from mainstream America with the help of progressive politicians whom they [mostly] very consistently vote for--and always to their detriment. Its a pleasure to hear Negros from Britain and France speak the English language--its a pleasure to hear the English language correctly spoken. Negros should not be offended by Harry Reids comment--they should be offended by their own ignorance and of the fact that most American Negros cannot speak correct English and that they have done this to themselves with the help of so called progressive politicians--its not offensive for anyone to point these facts out! And finally Harry Reid the UnAmerican Senator from Nevada is a disgrace, he has gone against his constituents and against the American people in attempting to push his and Nancy Pelosi's communist style health care upon the American people--all his lies, his corrupt behind closed doors dirty dealing to force communism upon the American people have not gone unnoticed by his constituents and the American people.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama The Wonderful mm mm mm

Its truly pathetic how most of the American people will set celebrities up on a pedestal--in effect dehumanizing them. And the major purveyors of this nonsense and at times just plain evil are the lamestream media--the communist minded media. They like the whores they are proclaimed Barack Hussein Obama the most wonderful and different politician of all times, they constantly lied about him, covered up the facts about his past, his associations and his supporters, while proclaiming him Obama the wonderful, Obama the all knowing one, Obama the man without flaw, Obama the man who has all the answers, Obama the one who will end political strife, Obama the one who will bring the races together, Obama is the best because he is a Negro, Obama the one who will restore our international image, Obama will fix the economy and lower taxes on all but the rich, Obama the great orator, Obama the one who brings hope to the people, Obama will make every thing good again simply by the power of his amazing biography and oratory. And those who dared tell the truth about Barack Obama were labeled haters and racists. [Nothing Barack Obama was portrayed to be by the communist media was true--there is now a greater racial division, greater political strife, the economy is even more of a wreck than under G.W. Bush and taxes are set to be much higher for everyone, the image of America abroad is now worse than pre Obama, he has none of the right answers, his communistic policies have taken away hope for good change, he never was a great orator--just a good teleprompter reader and his biography has no power to amaze--no power to do anything good, foreign leaders do not swoon at his presence like the American media--in fact they see him as he is--weak and pathetic!] And let's not forget Barack Obama is anti Israel and has worked much like G.W. Bush to undermine the sovereignty and security of the Jewish people in Israel--and this after having stood before Jews at an AIPAC meeting in 2008 proclaiming his great support for Israel. Unfortunately many in the so called progressive media and politicians have long thought that Negros are completely incompetent and need whitey to look after them as if they were all children, or feeble minded; so they for the most part refuse to hold Negros publicly responsible for their wrong doings--often no matter how evil they may be. And now they are doing the same with homosexuals and Muslims--covering up their extreme evil and labeling those who tell the truth as haters, racists and intolerant. A look at progressivism in the United States of America and elsewhere shows--that it is those who are the so called progressives who are the haters, racists and very intolerant; their policies have ruined the inner cities, have impoverished mostly Negros here in America and have increased the crime rates where its mainly progressives who dominate the political hierarchy! [Note--progressivism is truly regressivism--they are moving backwards not forwards!] And the main purveyors of this UnAmerican evil are Jewish intellectuals and their stooges, e.g., The Anti Defamation League--how pathetic these immoral Jewish fools are to work to undermine the very foundations that have made The United States of America the greatest free nation in the history of the world; the nation where Jews have been the safest to live their lives without suffering extreme persecution for just being Jews. Readers should read "Why Jews Are Liberals", by Norman Podhoretz--its very enlightening! Also Books by David Horowitz, a former 1960's communist, now a conservative. As for the whorish media support of B.O. I knew before he was elected that they and many of his initial supporters would turn on him--and so they are. My question to those who now are seeing the truth about Barack Obama, why didn't you take the time and responsibility to look for yourself and see what kind of man he truly was--instead of listening to the lying whores on CNN, MSNBC, network TV and those of the same ilk on the Internet? I remember the time I first heard Barack Obama speak in Mid 2007, I just heard a small part of a campaign speech and I thought, "wow--I like this guy"! Since I didn't know about him, I set out to learn the facts--and I quickly realized the Barack Obama is a communist, UnAmerican in every way, a liar, a thief, a man who wanted to undermine everything which has made America great--a profoundly evil human being; a man who could never be trusted to do what is right for America. I also realized that he was very much the typical American politician with one exception--he is much more radical--so nothing Barack Obama ever does surprises me! And because I took personal responsibility--I saw it all before he was elected! It was all there for all to see, in his personal writings, in his speeches, in his associations, his voting record and in his other actions! Foolish people who continually dehumanize celebrities and see them without flaw will continue to pay the price for their foolishness. Yes Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a man--and when he goes to the toilet--it stinks too! How's that hope and change working out for you now? mm mm mm

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Short Commentary On B.O.

Interesting how Barack Obama, the one term president has said the problem of terrorism cannot be won by killing every terrorist. And yet again B.O. is wrong--if all the terrorists were dead--there would be no more terrorism--duh!