Monday, September 10, 2012

Barack Obama's Failed DNC Speech


Barack Hussein Obama--much like his wife--is a feckless and vapid sociopath!

Barack Obama--promised a longer road and a harder path--meaning more of the same--more of his destructive policies!

During his speech--which was not very well delivered--and was well under the bar he had set in 2008--he spoke of the problems in The United States of America--but he did not take personal responsibility as much of what he spoke about is his doing. 

All of Barack Obama's promises to do good things like cut the deficit by half during his first four years and drive unemployment under eight percent--were lies--as I knew they were when he made them; all of his stated Marxist policies and goals were intended from the beginning to destroy the American nation.

At the time of Barack Obama's DNC speech--there were approximately eighty nine million adult Americans out of work, the real unemployment percentage is at approximately sixteen percent--and he promised to have it under eight percent--another lie.

His speech was in part a copy of one Jimmy Carter gave when he was president, circa 1980--and going back to FDR's Marxist playbook; much like his wife, Barack Obama uttered one lie and distortion after another.

There was nothing Barack Obama could have said to change the majority of the American peoples perception of his failure to accomplish good things for them--but then again Barack Obama never intended on doing anything good for the American people.

Barack Hussein Obama--has lost any chance he had at a second term.

Everyone who is not a mentally ill Marxist democrat whore--must vote for Mitt Romney--to ensure Barack Obama does not get fraudulently reelected!

Hit the road Barack--and don't you ever come back--no more, no more, no more, no more--hit the road Barack!