Friday, September 25, 2009

Who Are The Super Heros?

Super hero's are not fiction characters like Superman, Spiderman et cetera--the true super hero's are mortal flesh and bone human beings; those human beings who know the true God--the God of the Bible--and are aggressively living in accordance with Biblical principles.

Senate Apology For Slavery

June 2009 The United States Senate made an apology for slavery of Negros; this was just another in a long list of white people bending over backwards to kiss the asses of radical American Negros. Yes radical Negros--because its not the average American Negro who wants white people to kiss their asses. This apology accomplished nothing for good--it just added more fuel to the fire of racism and emboldens the radical Negros into wanting more of what does not belong to them--reparations et cetera. The US Senate of 2009 are not qualified to make an apology for what the people did during the Negro slave era--only the people who were responsible for those crimes are qualified to apologize. And many of those qualified persons were Negros--the very Negros who were an integral part of the Negro slave trade--without them there would have essentially been little or no slave trade out of Africa. And why is it these radical Negros are not beating their drums about the Negro slave traders? why are they not trying to extort money from African governments as they are the American people? Truly this ludicrous Negro ass kissing by white Americans has got to stop--its not helping anyone. People need to get about their lives--and stop whining abut what happened long ago. As for reparations--Americans alive today are not responsible for what happened long ago--it would be thievery to take American tax dollars and pay off American Negros. Just like it would be if I went and broke a neighbors window--and then went around to the rest of the neighbors at gun point and took a collection to pay for the window. The tax man/woman--always comes with an [usually] unseen gun. But irresponsible entitlement minded people--don't care who they steal from--they refuse to take responsibility for their own lives--they would rather someone wipe their ass for them--step in the white paternalist. In the perverted thinking of these white paternalists--they believe that most Negros are SO pathetic that they must be treated like children! And for the entitlement minded drones in the gallery--you are entitled to get off of your asses and do for yourselves--you are not entitled to have me or any other American pay for you--its time you wised up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh--Segregation

On September 17, 2009 Rush Limbaugh jokingly said we should have segregated buses--after he spoke about a group of Negros in Belleille, IL who beat the only white person on a school bus. Now if that had been white people and only one Negro who was beaten--the media would have called it racially motivated. Even though the local police originally said it was racially motivated--then changed to not racially motivated. (Local police chiefs are usually of the so called liberal (UnAmerican) bent--in addition most local police are incompetent, for both reasons I wouldn't trust the police here. But either way is irrelevant a person was beaten and that is what is most relevant.) Then Mark Potok (If I call for sh*t--you come sliding in...) lies and says Rush Limbaugh (who was only kidding) wants segregated buses. Mark Potok an immoral fool, of The Southern Poverty Law Center--an UnAmerican hate group which promotes hatred of white people, Christians, Jews, Israel, also promotes racism and sexual perversion. The fact that the SPLC is run in part by immoral Jews who do not respect the Torah is very--very telling indeed!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Barack Obama--Meet The Press

Barack Obama said on the Sunday show Meet The Press the opposition against him and the health care bill is not about race--that the vast majority of his political opponents simply disagree with him on the merits of the issues. Barack Obama rejected Carter’s argument that most of the opposition is racially based. He also said, "not assume the absolute worst in people’s motives." And "Even though we’re having a passionate disagreement here, we can be civil to each other." Barack Obama said basically the same things on each of the five Sunday morning news shows. It would be good if the communist minded American media would stop with the racism nonsense.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Barack Obama--No Christian!

Its interesting how the virulently anti Christian American media promoted the lie of Barack Obama as being a Christian and even lying and saying that Jesus the Christ was a community organizer--as if Barack Obama was close to Jesus. Jesus the Christ was not a community organizer! If Barack was a true Christian--the media would never have promoted him--because they hate all things Christian. Barack Obama has never been and is not a Christian! The communist minded media falsely promoted BO as a Christian in order to promote his election--and now that the election is past--they don't mention his so called but not Christianity. The Church Barack Obama attended, Trinity United Church of Christ and supported to the tune if tens of thousands of dollars, preached hatred of Jews, hatred of Israel, hatred white people and hatred of The United States of America--hatred of these are not Christian themes--this church was and is not a true Christian church. It is not Christian to act against the United States Constitution, it is not Christian to promote the mass murder of the unborn and even those who have already been born, it is not Christian to be a consummate liar, it is not Christian to act against Israel and to promote the final solution known as the two state solution! This list goes on and on...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Barack Obama--Liar Liar!

I think I'll stop using part numbers for these particular posts--because Barack Obama lies SO much--even more than G.W. Bush--wow that was a lot! Barack Obama promised he would do away with earmarks--he lied there are thousands in the so called stimulus bill, i.e. the porkulus bill. Barack Obama promised he would post new bills online for at least five days before signing, for the perusal of the American people--he lied he doesn't post them at least five days before signing; because he doesn't want to American people to know what UnAmerican things he has hidden in the bills. Barack Obama promised transparency in government--he lied now there is less transparency in Washington D.C., district of criminals, than at any other time in American history. Barack Obama promised that the American people would be able to buy into the same health care insurance that congress has--he lied he has no intention of providing this kind of coverage. You lie Barack Obama, Barack Obama Liar Liar!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jay-Z Slings His Crap

First--most rap equals crap--definitely true of the crapper Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter. He speaks and craps about hating G.W. Bush and the war in Iraq and of white lies and how because of Barack Obama there will be no more lies and by extension no more evil. What a pathetic fool Zay-Z/Shawn Carter is--Barack Obama is not black but half white and half Negro. Almost every time Barack Obama opens his mouth in public like in his speech last week on the floor of congress most of what he says are lies! Barack Obama lies and is more corrupt than G.W. Bush--and that was a lot! Its so ignorant and pathetic of Shawn Carter to dehumanize Negros, to think that they are not capable of lies and every other evil known to human beings. Apparently people like Shawn Carter are too uneducated and immoral to realize that Negros are in fact human beings--responsible just as whites are for their actions--they are quite capable of every evil just as every other race--and they are in no way exempt because of their race. Barack Obama is a fine example of a half Negro being an evil man--or would immoral fools like Shawn Carter rather believe that its the white half of Barack Obama who is doing the lying and the other evils? I think they would. As long as ignorant, foolish and immoral entitlement minded people--both white and Negro insist on dehumanizing Negros and treating them like children and holding them accountable for their lives--they will never have their rightful place in American society! It doesn't matter what race the person is who is president--what matters is whether they are true constitutional conservatives--and if they are not, then what they do will fail as it always has here in The United States of America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

BO Speech To School Children

Barack Obama's speech to "school children" was originally going to enlist these students to write a paper about how they can help him, that was changed because of outrage from parents, etcetera--and rightly so. If G.W. Bush had given either speech to school children--the communist minded media would have excoriated him mercilessly, if he would have attempted to enlist school children to write a paper about how they could help him--the media would have excoriated him mercilessly. Once again the media has shown their bias--it would have been appropriate for the media to excoriate any president who gave either speech to school children. The White house press release, "In this message he'll urge students to take personal responsibility for their own education, to set goals, and to not only stay in school but make the most of it." [His original speech was to indoctrinate them in communistic ideology.] It is interesting that Barack Obama would urge students to be personally responsible for their lives--when mostly everything BO has done as president has been to undermine Americans ability to be personally responsible--to increase dependency upon big, bloated unAmerican government.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bye Bye Jonesie

Van Jones the so called "green jobs" commissar--has resigned. Of course in typical Van Jones fashion he is blaming a "vicious smear campaign" against him. A close look at Van Jones' life makes it clear that Van Jones is not the kind of man who takes personal responsibility seriously--he would rather place the blame with others. In Van Jones' ignorant, illogical and immoral manner of thinking, its more often than not the white man/woman who is to blame. Van Jones, a self admitted communist, environmental fascist, anti white racist, hater of The United States of America, hater of Jews and Israel--is completely responsible for his own resignation. It is not a smear campaign when Van Jones' own written words and his words captured on video in public gatherings are used to show the American people just who and what Van Jones is. In addition to being a profoundly evil man Van Jones is very immature, he has a big mouth and now yet again he's unwilling to accept responsibility for his own pathetic words--words which clearly show who and what Van Jones is. Van Jones' manner of speaking and acting is more of what I would expect of a 15 year old male instead of a 40 year old man. Oh yes--of course Barack Obama and his close advisers knew who and what Van Jones is and stands for--Van Jones, as are all of Barack Obama's commissars were chosen because they reflect Barack Obama's own beliefs and desires for America.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr. [P] Resident Obama

Mr. Obama, [P] Resident Obama, the so called community organizer--do not whine, bemoan and bitch when true Americans organize their communities--against you and your oppressive communist policies; this is how this country began with true Americans organizing against an oppressive [British] government--and now you Barack Obama and your commissars are the oppressive government. We true Americans will continue to organize--against you and your oppressive communist policies--until you are no longer in office.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Self Destructing Barack Obama

It interesting how ignorant people and those who know better but choose to lie about Barack Obama--whine and bemoan how Republicans are hurting BO and his administration. When in fact it is Barack Obama and those radicals who he has foolishly gathered around himself who are hurting BO and his administration. BO and his administration are self destructing, because their communist policies are in themselves a failure--and because they are not the American way--the ways which made The United States of America the greatest nation in the history of the world.