Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hope And Change

It wasn't long ago that Barack Obama was laughing about the TEA = taxed enough already people--and saying they should be thanking him. And what dare I ask Mr. de facto president Obama should we the American people be thanking you for? Is it your increased federal government regulation? your out of control government spending? your multi trillion dollar debt? [a debt which can never be paid off] your deliberate wrecking of the American economy? your increased taxes on ALL Americans? your massive health care bill containing many things not relevant to health care? [but rather for the promotion of fascist communism--none of which the vast majority of the American people wanted] your deliberate undermining of The United States Constitution and taking away freedoms from the American people? your promotion of Islam? your promotion of genocidal abortion in The United States of America and abroad? your anti second amendment position? your hatred of the Jewish people and of Israel? your hatred of The United States of America and of the American people? your hatred of Christians and of traditional American values? your promotion of feminism? your bowing to foreign leaders and talking down The United States of America? your weakening of the American military? your weakening of American prestige among the nations? your sucking up to foreign leaders--to the detriment of American strength and of the American people? this list goes on and on and on... No, Mr. de facto president Obama--we the moral and thinking American people do not thank you for any of your evil policies and actions--and we are looking forward to the days when we can vote you and your evil progressive comrades out of office! This is the hope and change we the moral and thinking American people are looking forward to!